Dec 31, 2020
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RTA: Moldova’s neutral status does not hinder close cooperation with NATO

Expansion of the military alliance under the guise of an “individual plan”

In the coming year, most likely, a new Individual Action Plan of the Moldova-NATO partnership will be adopted. This event will mark a new stage in the integration of Moldova with the alliance.

“Cooperation between the republic and the North Atlantic Alliance has a long history and a fairly solid foundation. The first Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) Moldova-NATO was approved even during the reign of the Communist Party in 2006 (it was countersigned, by the way, by the current speaker of the parliament Zinaida Greceanîi). It was in this document that the main provisions were laid down, which over time only expanded and supplemented “,

– informs the Moldovan analytical online edition Analytics of regional trends

RTA: Moldova's neutral status does not hinder close cooperation with NATO

Even then, the main strategic goals of Moldova were called integration with the European Union and deepening cooperation with the structures of the North Atlantic Alliance. Deepening cooperation is not just a turn of speech; this deepening means quite specific actions. So, for example, since then Chisinau is obliged to coordinate all its actions not only with Brussels, but also with international organizations located in the country. And when developing the concepts of national security and defense of Moldova, it is simply necessary to involve NATO, as in all other actions related to the reform of state institutions.

“The situation has not changed with the coming to power of Igor Dodon, and a little later and his Party of Socialists. Gradually, the ex-president abandoned the belligerent rhetoric towards the Alliance, as a result of which bilateral interaction not only did not stop, but in some areas even increased in scale. In September 2019, Igor Dodon paid a visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels, and in December the government of Ion Chicu approved an Action Plan, which provided for the development of a new IPAP for 2020-2022, as well as the implementation of the Air Situation Data Exchange Program between Moldova. Romania and NATO “,

– writes the author of the article Nikolay Tkach

The development of a new document was supposed to be completed in the summer of 2020, however, the coronavirus pandemic and preparations for the presidential elections prevented, nevertheless, the government Jonah Chicu nevertheless, it managed to approve the Long-term plan for the development of the military potential of the National Army for 2020-2030. The document dealt with the modernization of the Moldovan defense according to NATO plans. And in November, the socialist government also adopted the draft “On the approval of the Individual Action Plan for 2021-2023”, in which the main topic remains integration with the EU and strengthening cooperation with the alliance and its structures.

The document recognizes that Moldova adheres to neutrality, and the alliance treats this “with respect”, Transnistria is called “a territory occupied by Russia”, and the deployment of Russian peacekeepers is “illegal”.

“In the event of a threat to its territorial integrity and security, Moldova undertakes to take all the necessary measures to protect itself, including the possibility of becoming a member of defensive alliances,”

– notes RTA

As for the neutral status of Moldova, the Constitutional Court clarified that this status cannot restrict the foreign policy of the state, but provides only “Refusal to participate in armed conflicts between other countries”… Cooperation in the military and defense sphere with other countries in no way contradicts Moldova’s neutral status, as well as participation in all kinds of military exercises organized by NATO. The transfer of the Moldovan army to the standards of the alliance is fully consistent with the neutral status, the Constitutional Court of Moldova assured.

The presence of the NATO Liaison Office in Chisinau raises many questions for the Moldovan society, but in the project IPAP Moldovans were told that this office “opens up new opportunities for strengthening dialogue in the implementation of reforms in the security and defense sector”, and the authorities – that they should “facilitate the work of the institution.” In addition, the Moldovan authorities are obliged to consult with the alliance on all foreign and defense policy issues, as well as “Highlight the benefits of cooperation with the alliance for the citizens of Moldova in the national media”… And, of course, the project for the coming years includes the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from the territory of Transnistria.

“Given the next political crisis and the prospects for early parliamentary elections, the approval of IPAP 2021-2023 may again be delayed. On the other hand, there is no doubt that it will be adopted. Thus, if something extraordinary does not happen, next year one more step can be taken on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration of Moldova and the reform of the National Army on the Western model. Moreover, some provisions of the plan began to be implemented in practice already this year, which was confirmed by the appointment of a US defense adviser to the relevant Moldovan ministry, ”

– concludes RTA

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