Feb 19, 2021
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RTA: Moldova is at a constitutional impasse

Whatever decision the Constitutional Court of Moldova makes, the crisis cannot be avoided

“The knot of the internal political crisis is tightening around the neck of our state with each new week. Local and foreign experts, closely observing the Moldovan political life, are lost in conjectures and no longer risk giving any specific forecasts about the internal processes in the country ”,

– writes the Moldovan analytical online edition Analytics of regional trends

RTA: Moldova is at a constitutional impasse

And if there was a stop in domestic policy with unknown consequences, then activity in foreign policy continues – on Thursday, a distinguished guest, the OSCE Chairman, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden arrived in Moldova Ann Linde, notes RTA

The purpose of the trip is the desire to personally get acquainted with the situation around the Transnistrian conflict, but this is the official version. Unofficial, according to experts, is to support the president Mai Sandu, which found itself in a difficult position, faced with opposition from parliament and the political crisis in the country.

In addition to this, today Moldova also found itself in a situation of political uncertainty – the Constitutional Court postponed the consideration of the issue of re-nominating a presidential candidate for prime minister to next week.

“Nevertheless, the high court made an interim opinion. She refused to suspend the decree pending the consideration of the document on the merits, at the same time restricting the parliament’s ability to consider the candidacy submitted by the head of state before a final verdict is issued. From a political point of view, the judges made a very elegant move, effectively questioning the position of both parties, and at the same time further expanding the space for different interpretations and interpretations ”,

– says the author of the article, a political scientist Sergey Cheban

However, in his opinion, after such a decision Moldova found itself in limbo, and experts give a variety of forecasts about the further development of events.

The problem is that no one predicts the resolution of the political crisis and it does not depend on the decision made by the Constitutional Court. The confrontation of the parties will not go anywhere, on the contrary, it will grow, reaching “Total internal political blockade”… It is quite possible that the president will refuse to recognize any candidate for the post of prime minister from any parliamentary majority, whoever is included in it. On the other hand, the parliament will refuse to consider Natalya Gavrilitsa’s candidacy.

“It is possible that the administration of the Moldovan president is counting on just such a political deadlock in order to force the Constitutional Court to come to the conclusion that the only way out of this situation is to organize early elections,”

– suggests Sergey Cheban.

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