Oct 4, 2021
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RTA: Arming Chisinau, USA Pursues Its Own Objectives

Defense spending in Moldova quadrupled in ten years

“The increase in the defense budget of Moldova, the regular participation of the National Army in exercises under the auspices of NATO, direct arms deliveries from the United States and other interesting developments in the military sphere lead to the obvious question: what are our armed forces preparing for?”

– asks the Moldovan online edition Regional Trends Analytics (RTA)

The publication notes that after the US left Afghanistan, all of Washington’s attention shifted towards the Asia-Pacific region, nevertheless, Europe will remain in the sphere of interests of the White House for a long time, whose goal is quite understandable – to unite the EU in order to effectively contain Russia. This means that the Black Sea region will remain one of the most important geostrategic zones for a long time, and Moldova, which has a minimal military potential, has turned out to be a valuable asset for the West. That is why, over the past twenty years, the units of the Moldovan army have been constantly involved in the US and NATO military exercises in Europe, and every year such exercises are being conducted more and more often, emphasizes RTA

It got to the point that in 2012, despite the neutrality prescribed in the constitution, Moldova received the status of a partner in the framework of the Global Initiative in the field of peacekeeping operations. This “initiative” was developed in the State Department and is funded from overseas, reminds the author of the article Vladimir Rotar

“The United States is also engaged in improving the military infrastructure of Moldova. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in the modernization of the training base in Bulboac, where facilities were built “to practice actions in urban areas.” The United States also makes a decisive contribution to the acquisition of military equipment by the kingdoms: since 2015, an annual assistance in the amount of $ 12.75 million has been provided through the Foreign Military Financing program. With this money, it is not difficult to guess, American equipment and equipment are purchased, ”

– the author writes.

According to him, the strengthening of the Moldovan army is taking place not only thanks to the support of Washington, but also under its direct supervision, for which an expert advisor Karen Bonabi has been appointed to the Moldovan Defense Ministry. US efforts were not in vain – in 2019, Moldova first appeared in the ranking of the world’s armed forces Global Firepower (GFP)… And relations with the US and NATO were declared the main priority of Moldova’s foreign policy. Rotar considers this quite logical – after all, the new government in the country, in fact, was created with the help of Washington.

Well, the other day the whole country was able to see the beginning of a new stage in military cooperation between Moldova and the United States. And this new stage was marked by the delivery of American weapons directly to the Chisinau airport, notes Analytics of regional trends

It was officially reported that this supply of weapons would contribute to “Increasing capabilities and interoperability … in international peacekeeping operations”… However, what kind of weapons arrived in Moldova is kept secret, it is only known that they will have to pay $ 5 million for it.Yes, this is not a gift, and Moldova will have to pay from its miserable budget – Washington has long been accustomed to selling outdated weapons to its allies. Meanwhile, defense spending in Moldova itself has quadrupled over the past ten years.

According to the author, Washington pursues its own specific goals, among which is to achieve a certain parity with the grouping of Russian troops in Transnistria, as well as to finally involve Moldova in the confrontation with Russia through its military cooperation.

“As you can see, after the end of the electoral processes, the authorities again begin to promote the topic of the removal of Russian troops from Transnistria, the transformation of the peacekeeping operation, as well as the disposal of Russian weapons depots, thereby creating a platform for the complete elimination of Russian influence in the republic as a whole, and in the left bank in particular. “,

– concludes RTA

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