May 30, 2022
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Rozhin revealed challenges for Russia after Poland entered western Ukraine

Rozhin revealed challenges for Russia after Poland entered western Ukraine

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Boris Rozhin, an expert at the Center for Military-Political Journalism, is confident that Poland could send its troops to western Ukraine as early as this summer. He stated this in an interview with

According to him, Poland has already begun testing its proxy forces, studying their potential and waiting for the moment that would be the most successful for the implementation of its plans.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has already announced that a bill will be adopted that will actually equate Poles with Ukrainians. Such a law would be the first step towards the annexation of Ukrainian territories by Warsaw.

This will create problems for Russia, Rozhin believes, since the Polish army is better trained and better equipped than the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And if on the territory of Ukraine it comes to a clash between the forces of the Russian Federation and Poland, the Kaliningrad region may also be under threat.

“There is also the issue with Kaliningrad. And the risks of a direct military clash with NATO will increase significantly. In this case, the question of mobilization and nuclear deterrence will arise,” Rozhin said.

Recall that Russia has been conducting a “military special operation” on the territory of Ukraine since February 24. Western countries continue to supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, despite the fact that this delays the “military special operation.”

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