Jan 23, 2021
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Roza Syabitova called the separation of Olga Buzova and David Manukyan black PR

08:24, 23.01.2021

The matchmaker does not believe in the breakup of lovers.

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On January 22, Olga Buzova announced that she broke up with David Manukyan, with whom they had been together since 2019. At first, the singing TV presenter said that she was not going to publicize the reason for this decision, but after a few minutes she began to publish personal correspondence with the 27-year-old blogger, in which she accused him of assault. Olga called on her fans to block David everywhere as a sign of solidarity with her. However, the information about the breakup only fueled public interest. As a result, more than one hundred thousand people subscribed to David’s profile.

Roza Syabitova is convinced: there are no problems in the relationship of the couple. And everything that her 35-year-old colleague said and made public is just another PR. “The fact that they quarreled is black PR in the form of massacre. It fits very well, our Russian people love it very much. You can make yourself felt on this for a very long time, ”the matchmaker shared her position.

Roza Syabitova

Rose recalled that back in early January in the Maldives, the lovers had a wedding. But, according to the TV star, this registration has no legal force on the territory of the Russian Federation. But for PR history, such a ceremony is an excellent reason to continue and further hype on this. “This is such a semantic hype, so I perfectly understand that the more they say, the better. Olya Buzova is a very successful and monetary project, whether you like it or not. She got married, and what to discuss next? Happy life? Nothing of the kind, you have to discuss the separation. They cannot part intelligently, especially since they are not married. Means, we need a massacre, “Syabitov concluded in a conversation with the journalists of the radio station” Moscow speaking “.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

Note that rumors about problems in the relationship between Buzova and Manukyan appeared on January 20, when the TV star celebrated his birthday in a narrow circle. Her father, girlfriends, friends and, of course, David were invited to the holiday. According to some reports, Olga’s beloved was late for the holiday. He tried to justify himself, but the performer of the hit “Little Halves” did not listen to him. Buzova pushed Manukyan away, and this moment got on the video. After the TV personality and the blogger, they unsubscribed from each other on Instagram.

It is worth noting that after Olga’s public accusations, his mother Anna spoke out against David. Buzova communicated well with her and celebrated family holidays together. But it turned out that Manukyan had his own attitude towards the presenter. She denied that her son raised his hand to the chosen one, and also recalled that Olga said the same about her ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov. In addition, Anna said that Buzova cheated on her son, and also accused her of addiction to alcohol. Olga herself received similar comments from her fans. Buzova did not remain silent on this and denied it, sharply responding to users using obscene language.

Anna and David Manukyan, Olga Buzova

Recall that Olga and David’s romance was confirmed in December 2019. Before that, they did not comment on their relationship, although their romantic pictures were made public. Buzova and Manukyan met on the set of the singer’s video for the song “Liker”. Later they admitted that a spark immediately arose between them, but they made it possible to test their feelings. For a long time, future lovers simply corresponded. And after the publication of their relationship, they often began to share moments of joint pastime.

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