Sep 12, 2021
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Royal fashion show of Trusova overshadowed everyone: control skates of skaters

As you know, there are several pipe-rolling factories in the harsh Chelyabinsk.

But this weekend, under the influence of the test skates of Russian figure skaters held at the Chelyabinsk Ice Arena “Traktor”, even these formidable metal rolling enterprises began to produce extremely delicate figure-rolling products, since it is absolutely impossible to resist the all-consuming power of beauty and grace of our athletes.

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Figure skating. Control rentals. Women. Short program

Saturday’s short programs of Russian singles only confirmed this fact: the performances presented by the leaders of the national team will definitely be remembered by sports fans for a long time. It was a real essence of the brightest artistic images, seasoned with crazy technical complexity: the audience saw as many as four attempts to perform a triple axel!

True, only 24-year-old Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and 15-year-old Kamila Valieva coped with this insidious ultra-si element, thereby clearly demonstrating the fact that all ages are submissive to the triple axel.

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wilf

Figure skating. Control rentals. Women. Short program

Today, the skaters performed their free skates, which they prepared for the Olympic season.

And if after short programs Kamila Valieva was the conditional leader, then it was the arbitrary skates – with quadruple jumps allowed in them – that were supposed to show the real preliminary alignment of forces among Russian singles before the starting tournaments of the season.

Arms race

The first of the skaters who decided to storm the ultra-si elements in the free program was 17-year-old Ksenia Sinitsyna.

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Figure skating. Control rentals. Women. Free program

The debutante of the adult season, who missed last year’s competition due to injury, began her hire with a quad sheepskin coat.

The jump, unfortunately, was performed with an under-spin and an offensive fall that followed. The price of the unsuccessful ultra-si for Xenia turned out to be quite high: the remaining jump elements turned out to be either double or with blots.

The other skaters who played in this warm-up could not avoid mistakes: Daria Usacheva fell from a triple flip, and the skates of Elizaveta Nugumanova and Sofya Samodurova turned out to be technically rather weak.

Another debutante of the adult season, a leggy beauty from the Eteri Tutberidze group, Maya Khromykh, volunteered to continue the race of ultra-si figure rolling weapons, started by Ksenia Sinitsyna.

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wilf

Maya Khromykh performs her free skating program in women’s single skating at the test skates of the Russian national figure skating team in Chelyabinsk

To the minimalistic enveloping music of Argentine tango and a little hackneyed “Roxanne” from the soundtrack to the movie “Moulin Rouge” Maya began rolling with a luxurious cascade of quadruple and triple sheepskin coats.

True, the next in the list of the program, the quadruple salchow, remained in the skater’s plans, but all the other jumping elements were performed perfectly. Especially worth noting are the two cascades with triple jumps already at the end of the rental, which Maya brilliantly performed without mistakes.

The production itself turned out to be of the highest level and quality. A worthy program for the Olympic season, in which Maya Khromykh not only fulfills the choreographers’ ideas, but is an absolutely organic part of it, passing through herself every disturbing note of these languid night melodies, as if sounding in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and Paris flooded with neon light.

Hopeful vivaldi

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Figure skating. Control rentals. Women. Free program

The warm-up of the strongest was opened by Alena Kostornaya, whose free program of the 2021 sample was staged to the music of Vivaldi.

The triple axel, the skater’s main weapon, turned out to be almost perfect – and how on time! Finally, Alena regained what seemed to be forever lost among the frame houses of the Evgeni Plushenko figure skating academy – the ultra-si element is again in Kostornaya’s arsenal.

In general, although Alena’s impressions of today’s rental were filled with positive emotions, they did not differ much from those that were last season: the athlete’s form is still far from ideal. Although this applies to many skaters performing today.

Of course, Eteri Tutberidze’s off-season efforts are noticeable to the naked eye, but apparently even coaching talent stalled a little along with Kostornaya’s career in pubertal off-road, which the reigning European champion fell into in the summer of 2020.

Alena’s program lacked a little speed and sharpness: it seems that she somehow missed Vivaldi’s violin laces. I just wanted Billie Eilish or the music from “Twilight” to play at some point – and Kostornaya, from a proper excellent pupil, again turned into a mischievous girl.

But the main thing is that Alena’s progress in technical growth compared to last year is obvious, and this is already a huge step forward, which fans of the super-talented skater have been waiting for so long.

Master and Anna

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Figure skating. Control rentals. Women. Free program

Following Alena Kostornaya, Anna Shcherbakova fluttered to the Traktor ice arena, she, according to the idea of ​​the coaching staff of Tutberidze, is neither more nor less – Margarita from the great novel by Bulgakov.

Anna is still recovering from an offensive injury received at the training camp in Novogorsk, so today the spectators did not see the quad flip and lutz performed by the world champion.

But the cascade, which did not work out in the short program, 3 lutz + 3 rittberger turned out to be ideal, like, incidentally, other triple jumps.

Anna’s program is a separate performance, for which, according to preliminary data and potential, all tickets will soon run out.

This production is so filled with various curious nuances and exciting changes in rhythms and moods that one already wants to watch it again and again.

A real creative success for the Tutberidze team and a real claim for the top positions in the upcoming season. It remains only to return the quads, and Anna will again find herself in the role of the planet unattainable for all skaters.

Eastern sweets

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Figure skating. Control rentals. Women. Free program

In the short program, the Empress showed who was the “dad in the house”, bursting with two feet into the ultra-si territory, where on Saturday the younger Trusova and Kostornaya were tumbling before her, perfectly performing the triple axel.

This time, in a free program set to hot oriental melodies, Elizaveta in a very extravagant outfit, from which the pipes of the metal rolling plants of Chelyabinsk glowed red hot, with a blot performed only one of the two planned trixels, at the same time for some reason adding to these shortcomings also a fall on crown lutz.

But all these are trifles compared to what Tuktamysheva prepared for the production for the Olympic season.

And the result was a unique oriental feast: Turkish delight and honey baklava in the world of figure skating. As if we were all at the fabulous wedding of a rich sheikh from Abu Dhabi with a captivating show performance in the form of a belly dance from Princess Budur herself, whose every movement, every look and turn of the body is an oriental sweetness, delicate silk, intoxicating aroma of jasmine and sandalwood oil …

If anyone expected from Tuktamysheva in the new season “Vivaldi” or “Lullaby”, he, of course, will be a little disappointed. But Elizabeth, despite the snort of bores, remains true to herself, continuing to create according to the principle “there is never too much of a woman’s beauty.” And now her every appearance on the ice will be expected with a special anticipation of a bright holiday – and this, you see, is already a victory.

“Bolero” as an experiment

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Figure skating. Control rentals. Women. Free program

The performance in Chelyabinsk of the prima ballerina of figure skating Kamila Valieva was somewhat reminiscent of her skating this winter in the Russian Cup final: the experiment with increasing the number of ultra-si elements in the free program has not yet fully justified itself.

The quadruple salchow and sheepskin coat did not work out, the cascade with the quadruple sheepskin coat came out with small blots, but the triple axel was flawless.

It was felt that Camila still lacks seasonal stability and confidence, and so far she is only restoring her large-scale jumping achievements.

But this does not make her “Bolero” worse for sure – only Valieva’s problems with ultra-si elements today could temporarily take the audience out of a hypnotic trance, into which they were again skillfully plunged by the breathtaking choreography of gutta-percha Camila and the pulsating melody of Maurice Ravel.

The prima ballerina will surely get her portion of applause at the Bolshoi Theater of figure skating, even despite the temporary difficulties at the beginning of the season.

Royal fashion show of Trusova

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Figure skating. Control rentals. Women. Free program

This year Alexandra decided to surprise everyone with her extremely bright charismatic images: in the short program she is the rebellious Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, in the free program – the talented designer of clothes made of Dalmatian skins – black and white Cruella.

In general, Trusova’s free skating is a separate genre in the world of figure skating.

No matter how sophisticated her images may be, in the end it all boils down to one role: Queen of Quads. And this time, in these endless exciting trips to quadruple jumps, it was quite difficult to make out Cruella with her fashionable model habits.

Therefore, Alexandra more than compensated for the objective loss in the artistic component of the new program with sports-jumping special effects. But how!

The first was the perfect execution of the most difficult quadruple flip, then the turn came to the quadruple salchow, then the quadruple sheepskin coat, and this phenomenal ultra-si fashion show ended with two masterpieces from Trusova’s fall-winter 2021/22 collection – quadruple lutz, one of which is in a cascade with a triple sheepskin coat!

Cruella, as you can imagine, has never experienced such a powerful dizziness in her life, even when she too much alcohol, being a cleaner in the Liberty clothing store (based on the plot of the movie Cruella in 2021). And for our Russian Rocket, this is an ordinary working rental, which she finally showed not in training, but in a performance in front of the audience.

The fashion show from Trusova-Cruella turned out to be almost historical: the audience applauded while standing, the entire coaching staff of Tutberidze joined them – after all, the world had not yet seen five quadruple jumps performed by the skater.

Sasha deservedly received the crown of the winner of the test skates that day, albeit conditional, but so important just before the start of the season.

OMON Tutberidze

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Figure skating. Control rentals. Dancing. Rhythmic dance

After the skaters’ performances in Chelyabinsk, the complete hegemony of Eteri Tutberidze in women’s figure skating is more than ever felt.

It is even somehow awkward to face the rest of the coaches and their charges: Eteri has created a real “riot squad” of six skaters, who, with their supercomponent and technical programs, leave a scorched field in place where other athletes had hopes for medals of this season until recently.

Only Tuktamysheva, who with her coach Alexei Mishin, did an excellent job in the off-season, creating competitive programs with a decent set of complex elements, is capable of imposing a fight on Valieva, Usacheva, Khromykh, Trusova, Shcherbakova and Kostornaya.

But this tale has a flip side to the coin: the powerful six Tutberidze will have to compete mainly with each other, while working every day at the same skating rink and in the same group during the most important season in their lives.

This is where the fun begins, and we will witness an absolutely unforgettable spectacle: how Cruella will meet Margarita at the Satan’s ball to the sound of Bolero.

We won’t have to wait long for these crazy skating battles. International tournaments are already starting this month. One of which will take place from 15 to 18 September in the USA (participation in it was confirmed by Trusova), in October and November a fascinating series of Grand Prix will take place. And there it is not far from the December Russian Championship, where all the heroines of today’s test skates in Chelyabinsk will come together in a decisive battle to compete for the main prize of the year – three priceless tickets to the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

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