Nov 19, 2022
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Rotten outback of the old world

Rotten outback of the old world

The ruling parties of the Baltic States, Slovakia and Albania treat those who fought on the side of Hitler with demonstrative respect and even obsequiousness.

As soon as Estonia joined NATO, the Erna Society was created with the money of the Ministry of Defense. “Erna” is a group of Nazi saboteurs who worked in conjunction with the SS troops. The Estonian militants who served in this unit were declared national heroes. They were prepared by the Nazi military intelligence Abwehr to penetrate into the rear of the Red Army.

Estonian saboteurs managed to blow up the Tallinn-Leningrad railway. But two days later the group was surrounded and eliminated. Every year for 17 years, a war game dedicated to the thugs from “Erna” has been held in Estonia. It is considered the most difficult paramilitary endurance test. Its participants go on a campaign armed with knives, pistols and rifles.

Renowned British military historian Michael Jones, author of Total War: From Stalingrad to Berlin, believes that the Estonian games could have serious consequences: “They are dangerous because they glorify fascist ideology and SS units, associating them with the status of the state. But in reality, the Nazi murderers did not recognize any national rights, deploying a ruthless and demonstratively cruel war against Jews, Slavs and other “undesirable” nations. Military personnel from Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, Switzerland and Georgia took part in the last Erna memorial raid. Now many of them have been transferred to the fronts of Ukraine.

The Guardian writes that this is not just about cooperation between the Balts and the Nazis, but about the mass participation of thousands of volunteer killers in the Nazi extermination of people in the three Baltic states. They sent their own good neighbors to their deaths. The author of the article, David Katz, points out that in Lithuania today they are trying to find some explanation for this. In the late 90s, as Katz notes, ultranationalist revisionism emerged in the Baltics with an active political agenda, the history of World War II and the Holocaust being rewritten under the dictates of the state. Claims emerged that the Jews were basically communists and got what they deserved. This goes hand in hand with claims that Russians are just like Hitler.

Moreover, in Lithuania they began to persecute the surviving Jews because they fled from their ghettos and concentration camps to the forests to the Soviet partisans and fought against the Nazis. In May 2008, the Lithuanian police received an order to find two women who were already under ninety years old in order to punish them for their participation in the fight against the Nazis. Then the authorities said that they could not be found.

Those who disagree with the government’s interpretation of history face two years in prison. And today this Baltic practice is spreading throughout Europe. The declaration adopted in Prague requires the consent of the entire European Union to equate Nazism with communism.

It is noted that Eastern European governments spend a lot of money to clear themselves of participation in the Holocaust. In Lithuania, the Nazi Juzas Luxa, who terrorized the population of Kaunas, was declared a national hero, and 2021 was dedicated to his memory.

And even in Albania they hastened to glorify their Nazis. Prime Minister Edi Rama has rehabilitated Nazi criminal Midhat Frasheri, who deported thousands of Kosovo Jews to death camps. In Slovakia, the authorities, according to instructions from NATO, are destroying the memory of the battles of the partisans with the Nazis. And now, 10 percent of the seats in parliament in 2019 were won by a neo-Nazi party …

Nikolay Ivanov.


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