May 1, 2021
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“Rotor” beat “Akhmat” in the RPL match

As part of the 28th round of the RPL, the Volgograd Rotor hosted the Grozny Akhmat. The home team beat the competition with a minimum score.

The match took place at the Volgograd Arena stadium. The initial and single naga in the match was scored in the 23rd minute.

Kipiani threw the ball to the edge of the penalty area with his heel, Makarov shot into the center, where Shchetkin freed himself from custody and hit the ball neatly into the near corner of the goal – 1: 0. This naga became the first for Alexey Shchetkin in the Russian Premier League.

At the 43rd minute, the guests could compare the score. Putsko went to the corner into the penalty area of ​​”Rotor”, guessed right with a rebound into the goalkeeper’s, but failed to break through Chondrich. The Rotor goalkeeper saved his team in the 51st minute after Ismael hit and Almazi finished off.

In the 63rd minute Aleinik struck a free-kick and struck the post. After 30 minutes, Akhmat could again equalize the score: Kharin shot on goal, Chondrich threw the ball into the crossbar with the edges of his fingers.

Rotor scored three points and left the relegation zone. Akhmat will be in 11th place with 36 points in the asset. On May 1, Rubin and Dynamo also played, and the victory in the match went to wards of Leonid Slutsky.

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