Dec 30, 2020
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Rosstat spoke about the spending of Russians for the New Year’s table

On average, Russians will spend 6,763 rubles to buy food and drinks for the New Year’s table. Over the past year, the holiday set went up by 4.56%, according to Rosstat data.

In 2019, similar expenses were estimated by the statistical department at 6,468 rubles.

The set of goods, the cost of which was estimated by the department’s experts, included a kilogram of beef and chicken meat, 500 grams of raw sausage and smoked meats each, the same amount of salted and smoked fish delicacies, a 350-gram can of canned fish and a 200-gram can of caviar. The list also includes 500 grams of canned vegetables, half a loaf of rye bread and 350 grams of bread and baked goods made from wheat flour, 300 grams of cheese and 200 grams of butter.

From vegetables and fruits in the set there are a kilogram of oranges, 800 grams of potatoes, 500 grams of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, 600 grams of apples and 200 grams of lemons. For dessert, the statistical office offered half a kilo of various sweets and a cake.

The list of alcoholic drinks includes one bottle of vodka, cognac and champagne, from non-alcoholic drinks – one liter of fruit juice, carbonated and mineral water. Separate items indicate a kilogram of ready-made Olivier salad and the same amount – herring under a fur coat.

Rosstat provided data on the cost of all these products in November 2020 and compared them with prices in November last year, notes RIA News. As follows from the report, potatoes (by 28.88%) and fresh cucumbers (16.17%), as well as oranges (24%) and apples (17.2%) rose the most over the year. The cost of caviar and canned fish increased by 11%. On the contrary, raw smoked sausage and chicken meat fell in price – by 2.66% and 0.84%, respectively.

At the same time, the cost of a set of products for a festive table differs from region to region, and very significantly. So, residents of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Chukotka need to spend more than 9 thousand rubles, in Kamchatka and in the Magadan region, the New Year’s table will cost about 8.7 thousand rubles. Residents of Moscow, Yakutia, Murmansk and Sakhalin regions will donate more than 8 thousand for food for the holiday in stores.

In most regions of the country, the cost of a festive meal does not exceed 7 thousand rubles. The most budgetary preparation of dishes for the New Year will be for residents of Ingushetia – 3779 rubles.

Earlier, the chef and member of the Chefs Association Anatoly Kryukov told about the ideal set of dishes for celebrating the New Year.

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