Feb 18, 2021
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Rosstat: Inflation in Russia stays at 0.2% for the second week in a row

Inflation in Russia from 9 to 15 February 2021 amounted to 0.2%, this trend has been maintained for the second week in a row. The corresponding data are provided by Rosstat.

According to the materials of the department, since the beginning of this month, consumer prices in the country have grown by 0.4%, since the beginning of the year – by 1.1%. In annual terms, inflation as of February 15 of this year was 5.41%.

Thus, during the reporting week, the domestic market recorded an increase in the cost of chicken meat – by 1.4%, frozen fish – by 0.5%, margarine – by 0.9%. In addition, prices for fruits and vegetables rose by an average of 1.7%, prices for cucumbers jumped by 3.6%, potatoes – by 2%, tomatoes – by 1.7%.

Chicken eggs on average in the country have risen in price by 0.9%, sunflower oil has become more expensive by 0.1%.

Meanwhile, prices for millet, granulated sugar, chocolate candies and vodka decreased on average by 0.2%, and for canned fruit and berries suitable for baby food, black tea and caramel – by 0.1%. However, butter, milk, wheat flour, buckwheat groats, rice and biscuits can still be purchased at the old prices.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture assured that the provision of the domestic Russian market with meat contributes to the maintenance of stable prices for this product.

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