Oct 12, 2020
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Rosstat due to COVID-19 will revise the consumer basket

The head of Rosstat, Pavel Malkov, said that from 2021, goods and services that have become relevant during the pandemic may be included in the consumer basket of Russians.

We are talking about a range of disinfectants, as well as hostel services. The demand for the latter is increasing due to the development of domestic tourism, reports newspaper "Izvestia".

The head of Rosstat also noted that the pandemic revealed the need of Russians for digital services.

It seems that the relevance of such services will only increase further, so next year Rosstat plans to start monitoring the cost of subscriptions to thematic digital packages of TV channels and media services., - noted Malkov.

Earlier reported that the calculation of the subsistence minimum in the Russian Federation was based on the consumer basket, calculated according to Rosstat data on the level of consumer prices for food, non-food products and services in all subjects of the Federation. Improvements in price registration technology, which Rosstat has been carrying out recently, will automatically allow more accurate accounting in terms of the product range.

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