Oct 12, 2020
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Rospotrebnadzor predicted the timing of the reduction in the incidence of COVID-19

Alexander Gorelov, deputy director for scientific work of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, believes that the number of new cases of coronavirus detected per day in the Russian Federation will return to the figures of this summer by February-March next year.

Now, according to him, a seasonal increase in the incidence is recorded.

Speaking on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel, Gorelov said that the stabilization of the epidemiological process will take place in two weeks.

After that, the incidence of COVID-19 will begin to decline and by February-March 2021 will reach June-July, the specialist expressed his opinion.

Earlier it became known that more than 12 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation were vaccinated with the Russian drug for the coronavirus "Sputnik-V".

Currently, clinical trials of the Russian vaccine are going well, the results show a good level of antibodies in vaccinated volunteers.

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