Oct 5, 2021
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Rospotrebnadzor introduced mandatory standards for the content of hormones and antibiotics in drinking water

Recently, TASS reported that the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) introduced mandatory standards for the content of hormones and some antibiotics in drinking water.

In these regulations [санитарно-эпидемиологических правилах], all the requirements that protect our health are preserved. In part, they are toughened, but they are added by world experience. Well, for example. We have introduced mandatory standards for the content of hormones in drinking water, an additional range of antibioticsThat is, we have harmonized with the European, WHO volume of standards that are currently in place“- said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova in an interview with the Pozdnyakov program on NTV.

Our main task is to be patient and clearly, calmly, distinctly, sometimes for a long time, explain why it is necessary. But everything that is written in the sanitary requirements is, of course, necessary, because, as my colleagues say, it was written by someone’s health“, – she added.

The information went unnoticed at first. And only by October 3, it caused a rather sharp reaction in the media and social networks. The predominant motive for the comments is: “WHO’s henchmen have made it to drinking water.”

Journalist Sergei Mardan: “Now “within the framework of harmonization” of relations with the WHO and Europe, Rospotrebnadzor requires the addition of hormones and antibiotics to drinking water. Mandatory. Any therapist at the reception warns the patient: “Start drinking antibiotics only if the temperature is above 39. If not, then the body, the immune system is fighting.” Also, any doctor will confirm that antibiotics weaken a person’s natural immunity. Why does Rospotrebnadzor (which until recently forced citizens to wear gloves as part of the fight against coronavirus) make decisions that directly affect the health of millions of people without giving a single justification, without holding any scientific discussions? With the help of such officials as Popov, the government is out of the blue breeding endless “anti-vaccine”, fighters against 5G and sectarians of all stripes“.

In fairness, we note that some bloggers criticized outraged colleagues. So, the user under the nickname Fatalist writes: “Damn, why are you so stupid, read the first line and let’s be indignant! The introduction of standards means that these hormones and antibiotics will finally begin to be measured in tap water, and if the standards are exceeded, they will sound the alarm and start emergency water treatment with activated carbon.“.

We believe that Rospotrebnadzor should nevertheless condescend to “stupid us” and voice the details – “clearly, calmly, distinctly, sometimes for a long time, explain why this is necessary,” so as not to breed panicky rumors. So far, we have not seen any clarifications.

Even in small, but constant doses, antibiotics and hormones in water cause significant harm to health. A fragile child’s body is at greatest risk. Regular use of antibiotics can cause a decrease in immunity, hormones disrupt the normal functioning of the reproductive system, provoke dysfunction. In addition, we become addicted to drugs. As a result, the person is surprised to note that the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor does not work. And, of course, don’t forget about allergic reactions.

Aleksey Ivanov

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