Oct 17, 2020
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Roskachestvo reported about fake curd snacks in stores

Roskachestvo reported that they found a fake when studying the curd cheeses presented on the Russian market.

The agency indicated that one of the brands, in whose products E. coli was previously found, now put fake products on the market.

If in 2019 the rating was reset to zero for the presence of Escherichia coli in the product, then this year no bacteria of the Escherichia coli group were detected, but the curd cheeses were still rated 0 points - phytosterols were found in the composition. That is, this product contains a milk fat substitute that is not declared in the labeling, which means that it is a fake - not a curd cheese, - celebrate experts of Roskachestvo.

At the same time, the department indicated that other producers of curd cheeses improved the quality of products and took into account the claims of Roskachestvo following the audit in 2019.

Earlier wrote that Roskachestvo appreciated the products of Russian wine producers.

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