Feb 20, 2021
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Rosamund Pike talks about filming the movie “Fun with”

Actress Rosamund Pike spoke about the filming of the movie “The Swindler”. According to Pike, she enjoyed everything from the plot to the costumes.

Rosamund Pike talks about filming the movie

The newly-minted black comedy, The Swindler, starring Rosamund Pike, the star of Family Marriage, Gone Girl, and Pride and Prejudice, is being released. She talked about filming a movie.

According to the “star”, she liked everything there, from the costumes to the plot, from partners to the scenery.

“I enjoyed the heroine without shame or conscience. She was puzzled, of course, a bit shocked, but fascinated and delighted. She does not expect understanding or sympathy, she is generally equal, whether you look at her or not, she just does her job, “- said Pike.

She played in the movie the role of a woman swindler who receives pennies by sending grandfathers to a nursing home.

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