Aug 9, 2022
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Rosa Syabitova’s daughter frankly shared her impressions of childbirth


The daughter of the host Rosa Syabitova, Ksenia gave birth to her first child.

The TV presenter has become a grandmother and is enjoying her new status. She found time to help her daughter and her husband, since Ksenia has not yet fully recovered from the birth of her daughter.

The fate of Xenia was followed by all the fans of Rosa and were very worried about her heiress. Star of the show “Let’s get married!” did not hide the interesting position of her daughter and actively shared information about where and how the girl would give birth.

Ksenia herself, according to Syabitova, showed herself to be a real fighter. According to an unspoken rule, the family had to indulge the whims of the pregnant woman and do everything to make her feel good. As a result, the heiress of Rosa admitted that the pregnancy and childbirth went well – but before that she was tormented by toxicosis.

I was terribly sick, I didn’t get out of bed for seven weeks and ate almost nothing. Any raising of the head led me to utter horror. The birth was unexpected, my water broke ahead of time, but I didn’t even understand this, I thought that involuntary urination, as happens in pregnant women. And in the morning I realized that childbirth, as the water continued to come out“, – admits Ksenia.

Roza Syabitova with her daughter - photo from the archive -
Roza Syabitova with her daughter – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

She noted that her mother was not around, so her brother answered her to the hospital, where they confirmed that she had begun to give birth. A close person helped her to do everything necessary, but then there were problems. “The contractions did not start for a long time, the baby’s head did not fall, and in order not to harm either the child or me, it was decided to do a caesarean section. We can say that I escaped with little pain, I myself did not give birth and did not suffer like my neighbor in the operating room – she gave birth for 19 hours“, – says the daughter of Syabitova.

Ksenia jokes that when they gave her the baby, she immediately thought: “Might as well get a second one soon! And then after the third or fourth … “. True, while you need to recover and get used to the new status. “In general, my husband and I are counting on five, and we’ll see how it turns out.”, – says the young mother of the TV Week of Stars.

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