Aug 11, 2022
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Rosa Syabitova spoke about the stars who left Russia

Rosa Syabitova spoke about the stars who left Russia

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Roza Syabitova is a famous Russian businesswoman. The country recognized her name when the popular show “Let’s Get Married” began to air on television. The TV presenter shared with journalists from the online news outlet CT news what she thinks of all the country’s celebrities who have fled their homeland abroad.

“It’s not in my rules to indiscriminately talk about something or someone without an evidence base. I personally do not know a single person who has gone abroad. This situation is similar to “shit on the fan”. This expression matured in February. I thought to myself: “How can I stand in such a place so that it doesn’t hurt?” If you got into a similar situation, you first need to understand where it flew from and predict where it will fly to. Therefore, I always try not to stand where it is not necessary. In my opinion, the vast majority of Russian stars just ended up under such a fan with shit. They are too fond of declaring themselves. And they failed to reorient themselves, because the time has come when it is extremely important to think about your reputation, ”says the Russian matchmaker Roza Syabitova.

The TV presenter herself is not going to leave Russia.

“I am a patriot. Times are new and difficult for everyone. I just want to say: “Stay at home, where are you going?”. Dofiga at home! Therefore, I am sitting at home and feel very comfortable, ”concluded Syabitova.

Recall that Roza Raifovna was born in Moscow. Now she is 60 years old. Earlier, the media reported that Roza Syabitova admitted why “Let’s get married!” does not air.

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