Aug 10, 2022
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Rosa Syabitova spoke about the closing of the show “Let’s get married”


Leading Rosa Syabitova may be left without work.

The popular show “Let’s Get Married!” has not been aired for half a year, which gives rise to many rumors about its closure. For example, Dana Borisova recently announced that, according to her information, Channel One had finally abandoned Field of Miracles, Evening Urgant and the brainchild of Rosa Syabitova and Larisa Guzeeva. However, the presenters are optimistic and urge not to believe the gossip.

According to Syabitova, she stocked up on patience and does not worry at all about the fate of the project, because more than once it has been on the verge of extinction.

Roza Syabitova - photo from the archive -
Roza Syabitova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I am waiting and internally I am in a relaxed state. No nerves. I am sure that we will return and continue to work further. Everyone knows that in the history of the program there have been several times the possibility that we will be closed. Then I hesitated. Now I’m completely calm“, – explained the TV matchmaker.

As for Borisova, the star of Channel One advised her to talk about what she really understands, and not to scare the people with unreliable information.

Today she writes about her tremor from drugs, and the next day she suddenly becomes an expert who knows everything and receives information from somewhere that our programs have been closed. I want to tell her: “You generally decide what and how!”. It is obvious and understandable that this person is just promoting us. Only the worst way chooses for it”, Rosa concluded in an interview with the Prozvezd portal.

By the way, Syabitova still has a lot to do even without filming the show, because a little over a month ago the TV matchmaker became a grandmother for the first time and is now happily nursing her granddaughter in her country house.

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