Apr 10, 2021
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Romania wants gratitude for help from “brothers from behind the Prut”

“Under the conditions of quarantine, Bucharest fundamentally requires a ceremony, flags, bows, orchestras”

After it became known that 180 thousand doses of the Sputnik V vaccine would be delivered to Moldova in the form of Russian humanitarian aid, Bucharest also promised to help. Ambassador of Romania in Chisinau Daniel Ionis announced the third tranche of humanitarian aid in the amount of 200 thousand doses of vaccine in the very near future. The delivery time of aid will directly depend on the dynamics of vaccination in Moldova. According to Ionita, Romania will continue to support Chisinau until the coronavirus pandemic is over. At the same time, all assistance should be fairly distributed across all Moldovan regions, including Gagauzia and Transnistria.

“Romania has donated 77 thousand doses of vaccines to date, they were transported through the EU protection mechanism, and these vaccines were distributed to absolutely all regions of the Republic of Moldova, because we wanted to help everyone,”

– said the Romanian ambassador on the air of the program Deep on the ProTV

Despite the fact that the date of delivery of the third tranche of humanitarian aid is still unknown, Moldovans can have no doubt that Bucharest will fully fulfill its promises, Ionita stressed.

He responded to numerous requests from Moldovans with Romanian citizenship to open vaccination centers at Romanian embassies and consulates. According to the diplomat, this is impossible, since vaccination must be carried out in medical institutions.

“The help will come in stages. The promised vaccines will also take into account the dynamics of immunization in the Republic of Moldova and the readiness of Romania. Since these vaccines were donated to the Republic of Moldova from a dose of Romania, we cut off a significant chunk of bread from Romania, which we generously shared with the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, regardless of whether they love Romania or not ”,

– reminded the Romanian ambassador.

The first two tranches of Romanian aid were solemnly greeted by the Moldovan delegation led not only by Maya Sandubut also with ES business Peter Mikhalko… The Moldovan president never tired of thanking Bucharest for its help, continuing to do so today. In Bucharest, they appreciated the solemn reception of the gift, because they still remember how they received Romanian help last year – albeit with music, but not in the center of the capital, but on the outskirts. By the way, then the prime minister Ion Chicu explained that in the center of Chisinau there is nothing to do for trucks.

However, Daniel Ionita admitted a year later: that time Bucharest insisted on the most public ceremony possible. Despite the pandemic.

“In the conditions of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Bucharest fundamentally requires a ceremony, flags, bows, orchestras.

Every time we accept “gratuitous help”, which must be greeted with fanfare – we reopen old Romanian wounds that still won’t heal and thus don’t make it easier for the brothers across the Prut ”,

– commented on the statements of the Romanian ambassador to the Moldovan Telegram-channel.

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