Oct 27, 2021
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Romania “unites” with Moldova under the banner of Hitler


Photo: telegram channel “Genny Karpat”

In the park “Valya-Morilor” in the center of Chisinau on the so-called “Day of the Romanian Army” a monument to the soldiers of the Romanian army who fought on the side of Nazi Germany during the Second World War was unveiled. The monument is decorated with the inscription: “To the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina by the army of Romania.” The opening of the monument took place with military honors and with musical accompaniment by a military orchestra. In addition, representatives of the Romanian Embassy were present at the ceremony.

Seriously? Liberation? Did the local authorities confuse the occupation with liberation?

This “outrageous incident” logically fits into the policy of the ruling party in Moldova, I am convinced ex-member of the Moldovan parliament Constantin Starish

– The distortion of history, the glorification of Nazi criminals, the substitution of the concepts of “liberation” and “occupation”, the equalization of Nazism and communism – all this corresponds to their basic ideological principles. They perceive themselves as Romanians, see sovereign Moldova as a temporary state, which is destined to sooner or later join the “great Romania”. And they are gradually preparing the appropriate political background for this.

In this case, we are talking about the “liberation” brought by the “valiant” Romanian troops together with the German Wehrmacht in June 1941. That is, about the treacherous Nazi invasion of the territory of the Soviet Union. That is, we are talking about the distortion of history, its falsification and its devilish reappraisal.

In this context, it no longer seems accidental Mai Sandu about the identity of the Nazi dictator of Romania, Marshal Iona Iliescu, about whom she reasoned as a “historical person”. The absence of President Sandu at the Memorial of Military Glory on the Day of Remembrance and Mourning, which is officially celebrated on June 22, is of the same category. As well as the recent shutdown of the Eternal Flame, which angered the residents of Kishinev due to the “economy” of gas. True, the public reaction was so harsh that the authorities were forced to apologize and turn on the Eternal Flame, citing technical problems.

But it is quite obvious that the regime will not abandon its plans, and we will more than once witness shameful acts of vandalism in relation to our own history, including the glorification of Nazi criminals.

– The spring monument has really been restored, – says Doctor of Philosophy, political scientist, publicist Boris Shapovalov

– But, it was opened by the Romanians in 1937 in honor of the heroes of the Battle of Marasesti in 1916 on the territory of Romania. Then the Romanian and Russian troops fought together against Germany and Austria-Hungary during the First World War. Therefore, it is strange that the monument restored in Chisinau was suddenly dedicated to the memory of the fascist invaders who invaded the territory of the USSR on June 22, 1941. Those Romanian soldiers led by their Marshall Antonescu, friend and ally Hitler, for us, the inhabitants of the then Soviet Moldavia, they were definitely occupiers.

During the years of the Great Patriotic War, 650 thousand natives of Moldova died. Of these, about 570 thousand are civilians. Only Jews alone were killed by the Romanian and German occupiers about 300 thousand people. 400 thousand citizens of Soviet Moldavia fought in the Red Army, 250 thousand of them were awarded orders and medals. The Moldavian Land gave the homeland 19 Heroes of the Soviet Union. Therefore, the erection of monuments in Moldova to “Romanian heroes” is sacrilege.

Unfortunately, this is possible because for 30 years already quiet Romanization has been going on in Moldova, parties and the media are openly calling for reunification with Romania. More than 650 thousand citizens in the country have a second (Romanian) citizenship. Many leaders at various levels are calm about the processes of Romanization and the destruction of Moldovan identity. Therefore, there are already several similar monuments to the “Romanian heroes” on the territory of Moldova.

The opening of the monument is a deliberate action of the Moldovan Romanian Unionists, of whom quite a few were brought up on the falsified school course “History of Romanians”, to rewrite the history of the Second World War. The unionists do not recognize the entry of Bessarabia into the USSR on June 28, 1940. Therefore, the events of the summer of 1941 are considered the liberation of Bessarabia / Moldova, and the liberation of Soviet Moldavia by the Red Army in 1944 from the German-Romanian fascist occupation is the second Soviet occupation. This heresy and tales of the Covenant Molotov-Ribbentrop is hammered into the heads of Moldovan schoolchildren for all 30 years of independence of the modern Moldovan state.

The attempt to pass off the Romanian soldiers who killed innocent citizens as liberators is an unprecedented attempt to rewrite the history of the Great Patriotic War and to whitewash criminals in Romanian military uniforms, the Moldovan political scientist Ilya Kiselev

– We are talking about the mental processing of the population and, first of all, of the youth, who will judge the past by such “historical monuments”. Romania is not so interested in taking on the worries and associated costs across the territory between the Prut and the Dniester. But the interest is very high in the fact that in this territory there lived a population loyal to Romania and Western “values” and, at the same time, opposed to Russia.

“SP”: – How does the population of Moldova feel about such historical interpretations?

– The population of Moldova is divided geopolitically and this split causes a difference in views. However, opposite examples can also be cited. For example, a few days ago, when the eternal flame was extinguished at the Eternity Memorial, many residents of Chisinau went there with lit lamps. And the first to come there were young people 20-25 years old. Today, in geopolitical terms, Moldova is practically split in half, and this determines the problems the country is facing.

“SP”: – And the idea of ​​unification with Romania?

– Here it should be borne in mind that the majority support such a development of events solely out of the attractiveness of joining the EU. This is the main reason for the residents of Moldova when obtaining a second Romanian citizenship – the opportunity to live and work in the EU without visas. Moreover, in the overwhelming majority of cases – not at all in Romania.

“SP”: – It is significant that this is happening against the backdrop of difficult negotiations on gas. The Moldovan authorities do not understand that they are worsening their negotiating positions?

– Personally, I get the impression that the Moldovan authorities, represented by the PAS party, have set themselves a task, or rather received it from their Western curators, to achieve energy independence from Russia. At the same time, they are not at all embarrassed by the fact that such a task is beyond the power of even the developed EU countries. They are even less embarrassed by the hardships that will befall the population of Moldova when this option is implemented.

“SP”: – And how should Moscow react? Will the already tough position of Gazprom become tougher after such somersaults, or is it still necessary to separate politicians from the Moldovan people and not let them freeze?

– I think that the Russian side is pursuing a fairly correct and balanced line in this situation, which leaves room for the Moldovan authorities to lead the country out of the energy crisis. If, of course, they have such a desire.

– Everything is very simple. The monument was erected by the Romanians for the Romanians. The current political elite of Moldova does not consider itself Moldovans, and does not consider their country to be something different from Romania, – notes Associate Professor of the Financial University Gevorg Mirzayan

– It just so happened that this piece of Romania was torn away from her by evil Soviet troops, and some kind of Moldavia was created on this territory. Now we need to restore historical justice. Therefore, for these authorities, the Romanian troops are their own – the liberators.

“SP”: – Honoring the Romanian occupiers as “liberators” can testify to the firmly taken course of the new authorities to enter Romania?

– This course is nothing new. He was, is and will be with the current political elite of the country. She is systematically carrying out the Romanization of Moldova. Think, for example, the law on language. Relations with Russia are secondary in this situation.

“SP”: – And these people expect to negotiate with Moscow on cheap gas? Does it not seem to them that they are only worsening their negotiating positions?

– The Moldovan authorities sincerely believe that in the end they will be able to come to an agreement with Gazprom on their own terms. Perhaps for this they will have to blackmail Russia a little by aggravating the situation in Transnistria. Take Ukraine with its behavior as an example.

“SP”: – What caused such an uncompromising position of Moscow on gas? Is this a demonstration of your attitude towards the new Moldovan authorities? Would you have agreed long ago under Dodon?

– This position is explained by absolutely pragmatic reasons. Unwillingness to forgive Moldova hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. Unwillingness to conclude a contract on unfavorable terms. After all, there is not a fixed amount, but a link to the exchange price. Moldovans want a 50% discount. This means that if the exchange price is 200 dollars, then we will sell for only 100. We do not need this. There is no real reason for Moldova to make any huge discounts.

“SP”: – Moldova is now running around Europe with an outstretched hand, begging for at least some gas. How do you think this will end?

– They will have to sign a contract with Gazprom. They have no other options. Well, or conclude a contract for the supply of Russian gas from third countries at a super-high price, and then we can talk about some kind of corruption scheme, within the framework of which money is withdrawn from Moldova. Another scam of the century.

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