Mar 30, 2021
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Romania stops financial assistance to Moldova

There was no one in Chisinau to sign documents to extend financial assistance

On Sunday, March 28, the intergovernmental agreement between Moldova and Romania ended, according to which Bucharest provided irrevocable financial assistance to the neighboring country in the amount of 100 million euros. This agreement was signed in April 2010, after which Romania financed Moldovan infrastructure projects for ten years. However, last Sunday the agreement expired, which was reported at the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau.

The message from the Embassy says that back in November last year, the Romanian side proposed to Chisinau to sign an additional protocol to extend the agreement, which included a number of conditions – continuation of the European course, implementation of all provisions of the Association Agreement with the EU, promotion of the principles of democracy, etc. But in November last year, Chisinau was not up to it – there were two rounds of presidential elections in the country. The next time Bucharest returned to this issue in mid-March, reminding again that time is running out, offering to sign the necessary documents. But in mid-March, there was no longer a full-fledged government in Moldova – only a temporary one, which did not have the authority to sign such documents. As a result, the country was left without financial assistance.

Maya Sandu expressed regret about this on her page on the social network Facebooknoting that “The country missed the opportunity to receive 60 million euros”blaming the government for everything Iona Chicu

Former Prime Minister Ion Chicu rejected all the accusations of Maia Sandu, recalling that Chisinau, since 2019, has constantly appealed to the Romanian side with a proposal to extend the agreement.

“The governments of Chisinau, including those led by the current president, have requested negotiations and the signing of the sixth protocol since 2019. The last government did this twice. I ask the journalists who asked me to respond to Maya Sandu’s statement on Sunday night to ask her for documentary evidence of the “refusal of the Kiku government”,

– commented on the accusation of President Ion Chicu.

He promised to present “Details of the Sandu administration’s role in this matter”, but only after the comments of the interim government.

The Party of Socialists called the cessation of financing the country Romania “The first step to disaster” and the isolation of the country.

“The termination of financial aid from Romania in the amount of 100 million euros due to the fact that Moldova has no functional government for so many months is only the first step towards disaster. For the same reason, the country will not receive funds either from the IMF or from other sources. Maia Sandu has completely isolated the country at the external level, and there will not even be the money that came before, ”

– the PSRM statement says.

Socialists called on the president and her party PAS “Stop criminal political actions against your own people”, to appoint a candidate nominated by the parliamentary coalition for the post of prime minister, so that the country finally has a functioning government.

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