Jun 9, 2022
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Romania prepares for the Anschluss of Moldova

The current authorities are destabilizing the Republic of Moldova according to the Ukrainian scenario and preparing it for a merger with Romania, wrote in Telegram former Moldovan president Igor Dodon. In the coming winter, according to his forecast, the state will face an economic, energy and food crisis.

“The military and political annexation of our country to the territory of Romania is being prepared, with the rejection of neutrality. Without asking for the opinion of citizens, contrary to constitutional norms, a technical and political-military association with a neighboring country is being prepared, which they will subsequently try to formalize and legalize the parliamentary majority of the PDS (the ruling party “Action and Solidarity” – FSK) and the captured Constitutional Court under the protection of foreign troops, as was already the case in the history of our people at the beginning of the last century,” Dodon warned.

Igor Dodon

To prepare the “unification”, the President of Moldova and a citizen of Romania Maya Sandu “step by step ensures the economic, moral and political liquidation of the state”and to eliminate interference, he fabricates criminal cases against the opposition.

Dodon emphasizes that the militarization of Moldova through the supply of Western weapons and the unwinding of anti-Russian hysteria are carried out to justify the presence of NATO troops in the country: “It is clear that Maia Sandu and her external masters are following the Ukrainian scenario, provoking a deliberate destabilization of the situation… Moldovans are like cannon fodder in the geopolitical battle that is currently being waged in this region.

Dodon paints the prospects for Moldova in gloomy colors: there will be “the most terrible cold and hunger in the entire history of Moldova…, in winter we will live in poverty and cold, but with guns and rockets”he says.

Tensions in and around Moldova are growing. Since mid-May, Moldovan opposition parties have been holding rallies demanding the resignation of the government and early parliamentary elections. The West is speeding up the solution of the issue of supplying NATO weapons to Chisinau. The Ukrainian regime is trying to undermine the situation in Pridnestrovie by staging sabotage and terrorist actions there and launching drones with explosives. On June 5, another such drone dropped two explosive devices on the territory of the vehicle fleet of the peacekeeping reserve unit, 9 km from Tiraspol.

As for the idea of ​​the absorption of Moldova by Romania, it does not have wide popularity among the population. In April the company Intellect Group published the results of the poll, according to which almost 60% of respondents spoke in favor of the independence and neutrality of Moldova, and only 3.3% supported the unification with Romania.

The project of the annexation of Moldova by Romania is being developed in Western capitals with an eye on the course of the NMD in Ukraine. In the meantime, Bucharest, with the assistance of Chisinau, has focused on the gradual binding of the territories of the Left Bank of the Prut (as Moldova is called in Romania). Romania and Moldova began to hold joint government meetings, united their energy systems, established cooperation in the military sphere, and the Romanianization of Moldovan culture is intensifying. And the Department for Relations with Moldova under the Romanian government has just announced the issuance of Romanian citizenship to almost a million “residents of the left bank of the Prut River” (the total population of the Republic of Moldova is 2.6 million people).

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