Jan 9, 2022
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Romania heroes Antonescu and considers the Holocaust “an insignificant episode”

Co-Chair of the Alliance for the Unification of Romanians (AUR) Claudiu Tyrziu outraged by the attention given in Romania to the Holocaust. He stated that this is an insignificant topic in the history of Romania and does not deserve such an emphasis.

Tyrziu’s words angered Israeli Ambassador to Romania David Saranga“Extremist manifestations remind us that radical ideologies are still making themselves felt today,” – noted the ambassador. He was supported by the special representative of the Romanian government for combating xenophobia and anti-Semitism Alexandru Muraru, which demanded the ban of the AUR. He stressed that a mirage of ultra-orthodoxy loomed in Romania, eroding Western values.

Muraru’s criticism of anti-Semitism as a government official should not be misleading. Both the Romanian authorities and the AUR are in fact ideological adherents. The government does not like the AUR because it successfully competes with it in the electoral ratings, occupying the third position after the ruling Social Democrats and National Liberals.

The AUR skillfully captures the discourse of Greater Romania, pushing aside the ruling political forces. The government fears that the AUR will finally privatize the marshal figure Antonescu, in which 300 thousand Romanian Jews were killed. Its official Bucharest turned into an idol of Greater Romania. Hitler’s Romanian allies are equally nice to both the AUR and the government, but the government does not want anyone else to use Marshal Antonescu for political purposes.

Antonescu, like Hitler, gave the order to attack the USSR on June 22, 1941. A real cult of this war criminal reigns in Romania, with the connivance of the democratic institutions of the European Union.

The heroization of Nazism in its national form covered not only Romania, but also Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and partly Poland. A monument to the Latvian SS men was erected in Belgium in 2018. It took caring citizens three years to get it demolished in 2021. In Canada, a monument in honor of the SS Galicia division still stands today. It is not being demolished under the pretext that it is installed on a private plot of land.

At the same time, the West is waging a real propaganda war against the memory of the glorious feat of the Soviet soldier who saved the world from the brown plague, belittling the contribution of the Red Army to the defeat of Hitlerism and the historical significance of the Great Victory.

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