Jan 10, 2021
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Romania as the epicenter of tensions in the Black Sea region

“NATO is preparing the infrastructure for solving military tasks in the Russian zone of influence”

“The United States continued to build up its military presence in Eastern Europe, deploying modern MQ-9 Reaper combat drones in Romania and deploying additional personnel there. Such actions only testify to the fact that Washington has finally begun to implement NATO’s strategy towards the Black Sea region, ”

– writes the online edition “Echo of Moldova”.

What this event means for the security of the entire region and what strategy is being discussed is discussed in the editorial of the online publication, which recalls that the United States Air Force has deployed its unmanned aerial vehicles at an airbase near the city of Campii Turzii in Romania. At the same time, the new units are subordinate to the command staff of the Aviano military base (Italy).

The publication notes that the commander of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa Jeffrey Harrigan said that combat drones Reaper MQ-9 and the personnel who arrived at Campii-Turziy will remain at the airbase for an indefinite period. And the purpose of the redeployment of military equipment and personnel, according to Harrigan, is the desire of the Alliance command to clearly demonstrate to both NATO opponents and allies that the North Atlantic Alliance “Today it is capable of promptly reacting to any of the potential threats”

“If we translate Mr. Harrigan’s statement into Russian and call a spade a spade, then NATO is supporting the satellite states, hinting at more active actions in the Eastern strategic direction. First of all, we are talking about Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries, which today act as the first line of defense of the collective West “,

– notes “Echo of Moldova”.

The publication emphasizes the fact that not so long ago the Alliance’s press service announced the creation of a military base in Latvia, which will be designed to accommodate tiltrotors and MTR personnel. And in parallel with Romania and Latvia, American drones appeared on the territory of Ukraine, and in the very center of the country – in the Kiev region.

“All this suggests that NATO is preparing the infrastructure for solving military problems in the Russian zone of influence,”

– the publication concludes and quotes the statement of a military expert Alexey Leonkov

“The Americans are equipping a theater of war. And it looks like Romania will play a key role in the US and NATO plans for the Black Sea region, ”

– the expert is sure.

According to the publication, the Alliance plans to create another line of tension in the Black Sea region, similar to the one that has already been created in the Baltics. As for the American military contingent, its deployment in Romania began back in the days Barack Obama, it was then that heavy weapons began to be placed on Romanian ships. All this, no doubt, will continue under the administration Biden… All this means only one thing – tensions in the region will grow, and Russia will have to respond to all NATO actions with mirror measures.

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