Jan 12, 2022
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Roman Zhukov walked through his children


Singer Roman Zhukov spoke about his children.

Roma Zhukov’s conflict with his family has long gone beyond the close circle and is actively discussed in the media space. The singer says that it is his ex-wife who turns the children against him.

The 54-year-old performer of the hit “I love you girls” left his wife several years ago. According to him, he adores his six heirs and does everything to make them happy. But the ex-spouse in recent years has been actively turning sons and daughters against him.

Zhukov says that when he meets them alone, they are ordinary cute guys who love to play and have fun. But as soon as they get to their mother, they immediately start sending messages and demanding money from their father.

Roman Zhukov
Roman Zhukov

Recently, he noticed another feature of the youngest son: the boy begins to lie and behaves ugly. In one of the telephone conversations, which sounded in the studio of Channel One during the show “Let them talk”, one can clearly hear obscene words addressed to the child, as well as insults.

The novel did not deny his phrases, but added that they were taken out of context. “Well, if my son behaves like a donkey, can’t I really call him a donkey?“- the musician is indignant.

The ex-wife also reproaches her husband for not giving enough money to support the family – she allegedly receives 21 thousand rubles. But Zhukov denied this. The state really determined such a payment due to a decrease in wages, but he still seeks funds and transferred 600 thousand rubles to the ex-wife in six months. However, she also lacks this, which is why she complains about her ex-husband: allegedly he gives more to his new wife and spends several hundred thousand rubles on her maintenance.

I feel when my wife asks the children to shake money off dad. Like, we are already at the checkout, transfer it to us. I’m worried, because she spoils their psyche. Some beggars“, – said Zhukov on the air of the show” Let them talk. “

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