Jun 18, 2022
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Roman Popov got fat for the role


Actor Roman Popov lost weight for a long time.

Fans could not get used to the new look of the actor for a long time. Roman Popov, who played investigator Mukhich in the first episodes of “Policeman from Rublyovka”, at one time shocked everyone by the fact that he suddenly took and lost as much as 40 kilograms.

The actor decided to lose weight in order to improve his health and, of course, to have more choice of roles. “Humanity in this matter, unfortunately, did not invent anything. Proper nutrition and exercise. Running is contraindicated for me, I have a knee joint injury. And so I trained in an EMS vest. I wound circles on foot around the house, which we are renting in the suburbs, went down and up the stairs, did stretching. But all with the advice of a doctor, of course. Total – minus forty kilograms“, Roman said. True, he later admitted that he had become overweight during self-isolation: “During the quarantine, I again gained almost ten kilograms. I’m sad.”

Roman Popov - photo from the archive -
Roman Popov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

But now, when the announcements of the new series “Mukhich’s Detective Agency” went on, many were again amazed: why did the actor appear in his previous form, overweight? As it turned out, the actor went on a feat and recovered again for the sake of the role.

When they say to you: “Listen, can you gain 15 kg?”, You answer: “Ha, ha, you hear, it’s not a question at all!” I think that of course I will get rid of kilograms, yes. So far I’ve put on 150kg for the role and now thankfully I’ve lost seven of them already. The total is 143 kilograms”, Roman Popov told the TV program.

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