Oct 5, 2021
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Robert Kocharian: “We will fight”

Today Armenia has ceased to be the guarantor of the security of Artsakh

Second President of Armenia, leader of the opposition “Armenia” bloc Robert Kocharian, speaking at a press conference, announced the need to change the government in the country and promised to make every effort to this. In his opinion, the current government will not be able to hold out for more than a year and a half, so the struggle must begin today and, above all, work with people throughout the country, convince them, tell them the whole truth, and then move on to street protests.

“We will fight and we will fight in the street. However, street fighting cannot be waged without the active involvement of the people. Even if 5% of the population decisively fight against the government, no government will stand. 21% of voters voted for us. Now we must first of all try to activate this mass, we must try to convince others, those who voted for this power, that they were mistaken, ”

– quotes the ex-president of the Armenian online publication VERELK

According to Kocharian, his political party will cooperate with other opposition forces in carrying out street actions.

He believes that after the 44-day war last year, Armenia has weakened and ceased to “be a factor”, while the role of Azerbaijan has grown, as well as the role of Turkey, and all this cannot be ignored by Russia. After the war, Baku stopped balancing between Ankara and Moscow, finally choosing Ankara. There is only one way out of the impasse in which Armenia is today – the change of power, because the current government is not even able to conduct negotiations with dignity, the ex-president has no doubts.

“It is inconvenient to negotiate on your knees, this is not a good position. Therefore, in the course of negotiations with the Azerbaijani side, the authorities do not raise the issue of the status of Artsakh, but discuss technical issues. In such conditions, every day is a wasted opportunity. After a certain time, people will begin to think that the Artsakh conflict is a problem between Russia and Azerbaijan, and the connection with Armenia is very indirect and distant, ”

– Kocharyan is sure.

In his opinion, today Armenia has ceased to be the guarantor of the security of Artsakh, and all issues of ensuring the security of the region have been transferred to Russia. If it goes on like this, Artsakh will become a Russian problem, not an Armenian one.

“But what will happen in 3.5 years when Baku raises the issue of withdrawing Russian peacekeeping forces? Do the current authorities think about it? “

The second president asked.

Journalists asked Kocharyan whether he is in favor of Armenia’s entry into the Union State with Russia, or whether the country’s independence is above all for him.

According to Robert Kocharian, he is not ready to answer this question unambiguously, because today the independence of Armenia is under threat. However, from the point of view of the country’s security, he believes that “It would be wiser to join a larger association”

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