Jun 4, 2020
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Robbers hacked 17 safes in the VIP-branch of UkrSibbank in Kiev

In the Goloseevsky district of Kiev in the premium department No. 838 of UkrSibbank robbers hacked 17 safes. The incident occurred on the night of 24 on May, but it became known only now. About this , “Browser” was told by one of the bank's clients who suffered from the robbery.

A woman named Olga said that she and her husband were renting an individual safe at the UkrSibbank branch on Goloseevsky Prospekt. 26 On May a bank employee called her and said that “something had happened” and Olga and her husband needed to come to the department. When the couple arrived, they began to "require permission to disclose bank secrets." At the same time, the woman claims, the bank did not explain why it was needed, and to whom this information would be provided.

To clarify the situation, the woman contacted the law enforcement authorities who informed her that on the night of 23 on May 24 on May there was an illegal entry into the bank. As a result of this, they allegedly hacked 00 individual safes, and their contents were stolen.

"We also learned that there was no security guard in the bank’s branch at night.The security alarm was triggered several times starting from two in the morning 24 on May, the bank’s premises were de-energized, the fire alarm did not work, the signal stopped security desk. A security service came to the bank’s office twice, but for some reason didn’t enter the premises. The message on the line 102 was received allegedly at seven in the morning, and the head of the bank’s office was allegedly notified only at 8 am, "- said the VIP client.

The police unofficially confirmed the incident.

" The bank employees’ explanations look wild. Either the guard was not in place, then electricity - and so on. It seems like some kind of nonsense, "law enforcement officers noted.

Sources of journalists said that about two hours 24 May on the security console stopped a GSM signal was received and a guard order was sent to the bank branch, however, she did not find anything suspicious. After about an hour, the fire safety signal stopped coming. After that, the security company again arrived at the VIP department and again did not see anything suspicious.

In connection with the disappearance of signals, the security company decided to conduct an inspection of the UkrSibbank branch every 2 hours and already during the next inspection at about 6. in the morning they discovered that the doors were open and traces of penetration into the room, journalists say.

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