Sep 18, 2021
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River therapy

River therapy

A new study, conducted by the England Ruskin University in Cambridge, found that a walk along the river bank restores a person’s psychological resources, improves his perception of himself, at least temporarily eliminates the restless thoughts that haunt him.

Moreover, approximately the same effect is observed when viewing high-resolution photographs of water spaces and forests. Professor Viren Swami identified this surprising psychological effect using 168 volunteers to assess psychological changes. Almost everyone noted a change in their mood when they were shown the views of rivers and seas.

Pictures of nature are supposed to distract the brain from negative thinking. And in a completely different way, people perceive gray inanimate species that depress the psyche. Apparently, this is the phenomenon of inexplicable attraction of people to water spaces, which literally attract a person to themselves. Staying in the forest also has a positive effect on the psyche, but the greatest impact occurs near the “blue spaces” – rivers and the sea.

These discoveries will help treat a fairly common mental disorder, when a person is constantly dissatisfied with his appearance, finding various flaws in himself. Such disorders are most common among adolescents and young people, affecting both men and women. Sometimes people drive themselves to despair and depression from the blemish they found on their face. They seek help from psychotherapists, they are prescribed antidepressants. But, it turns out, to bring oneself to life, it is enough to walk along the bank of the nearest river.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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