Sep 14, 2020
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Rites with salt for splitting, for protection from enemies and for cleaning the house

Rites with salt for splitting, for protection from enemies and for cleaning the house

Salt is a substance that is often used in magic. It can be used in rituals, as a defense and attack. It is suitable for any fortune-telling - both black and white. From a protector, salt easily turns into a dangerous weapon that destroys and carries negative.

Salt is a real find for ritual practitioners. It is inexpensive, always at hand. Moreover, salt has unique properties. Even skeptics know many signs, sayings and mysterious beliefs about this truly magical substance. This is not surprising, because salt actually has tremendous magical power. Our ancestors used it in many ceremonies and rituals.

It is widely known that sprinkling salt leads to a quarrel. Therefore, it will not be difficult to quarrel two people with salt. To carry out the ceremony, you will need a pack of ordinary salt and photographs of those who need to be separated or who need to annoy. You can punish offenders if there are good reasons for doing so, for example, you have been slandered, defamed, or hurt your family. However, you should not use salt against innocent people, otherwise your evil will return to you a hundredfold.

Place the pictures face up and gently sprinkle the salt over them so that it covers them in a thin layer. This action is accompanied by the following words: “Crows are flying, salt is scattered, they are swearing in a black way. They all fight, bite, and get close to the rival (opponent). He will peck and curse with his beaks. She (him) does not know happiness, he cannot see love. As it is said, it will come true, it will never be forgotten. "

Gently collect the salt, divide it in half, and sprinkle each one under the door. If you don't know where your rival or abuser lives, sprinkle salt under the threshold that she or he crosses. For example, at the door of your own home or work.

Most often, salt is used as a powerful tool of protection against evil forces, dark entities, bad people, corruption and the evil eye. Ordinary table salt, if you speak it, will turn into a magical talisman that will reliably keep you, your home and family from all enemies and their influence. Read the conspiracy confidently, without stopping and in a decisive voice: “Protect, save, save. Take away evil and human envy. Turn back the corruption of the enemy. Do not let the infection into the body or thought. "

The editorial board advises to strengthen the rite, mentally imagining how evil cannot reach you through an invisible shield. The charmed salt is scattered at the threshold of their door from the outside. So that the protection does not weaken, the rite must be repeated several times throughout the year, sprinkling a new path of salt over the old one.

Salt will help drive all negativity and any curses sent out of the house. To cleanse your home of bad energy, you can:

Place glasses filled with salt in the corners of the apartment. This cleaning is done once a month. But there is a danger - by negligence, the salt can be scattered and incur big trouble, so it is important to observe safety measures and not leave the salt glasses for more than 3 days. To drive away negative energy from the house, you can leave salt on the table overnight in a closed salt shaker. This will not only cleanse the house from clots of negative energy, but also protect family members from any damage and improve their well-being. The salt in the salt shaker is changed every three days and is not eaten. To wash the house with salt means to wash all troubles, sorrows and quarrels out of the house. To do this, add a few handfuls of sea salt or table salt to a bucket of water before cleaning. You can also fill a spray bottle with saline and spray the corners throughout the house once a week.

There are many rituals and conspiracies for salt, because for a long time it has been considered a magical, purifying and protective product. Most often it is used as a talisman to restore energy, drive away bad vibrations and protect oneself from everything bad.

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