Feb 19, 2021
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Rites of financial well-being for 5 and 10 years

Rites of financial well-being for 5 and 10 years

A stable income and the absence of financial difficulties is a dream of many, because everyone needs to have the necessary weapons for a cloudless life. There are proven rituals that will help tie financial luck for 5 or even 10 years.

The question of financial well-being worries many, because without money it is difficult to equip life and create an environment for a cloudless life. Improving financial flows and forgetting about poverty will come out thanks to proven rituals. Experts recommend picking one of the best ways to get your luck and get out of financial difficulties.

To carry out this ceremony is more important than the total for those who do not yet know how to actually earn the initial capital. When there is no specific target, there are doubts and there are not enough weapons for existence, it’s time to start the path to success and take note of this method. To carry out the ceremony you will need:

new shoes; green candle; the phase of the waxing moon; 2 coins of 5 rubles.

First, you need to look for new shoes for the season and buy them. The only thing that is great is that her price tag has at least one number five. Fortune will find shoes with a price of three or four fives. Shoes are bought and left until the appropriate time to perform the ceremony.

On the chosen day, a pair of shoes is put on the floor, one shoe is put toe to the door, the other is turned towards the house. They put a five-ruble coin in them. After that, a green candle is placed near and set on fire.

Peering into the flame of a candle, they imagine that problems with money are leaving and changes for the better are taking place in life. Meditation allows you to unblock the money channel and tune in to future success. After meditation, they take their shoes one by one, tap them on the floor, saying:

“As if I’m going out of the house, I’ll find so much a coin. The coin is small, but daring. It will go with me, the financial flow will attract me. As if I’ll come home, I’ll put a coin in the piggy bank. The financial flow will follow me, it will bring profit, it will not leave me in trouble, it will drive away poverty. Every day I will walk, attract pennies, deceive poverty. As if the Month will grow, so will wealth come to me. “

Both coins are taken out, one is hidden near the threshold, the second is in a secluded point in the house or in a piggy bank. To carry out the ceremony is more important than the total just before the New Moon, so that the energy of space is renewed, and pennies come into life with the growth of the Moon.

A similar appearance of the ceremony will help increase income and will suit those who have already learned how to make money. Those who cannot overcome the development crisis, are faced with difficulties in business or career growth, should attract good luck for 10 years, which will come gradually, one after time helping to rise to a higher level and not stop in development. For this ceremony, the following things will be needed:

valid bank card; diary with plans; shiny coin; green candle.

For this rite, it is more important to choose the times on the growing moon, so that its energy helps one after time to increase their incomes and ascend to new heights of success. At midnight, they light a candle, put it on the diary and say, leading a bank card over the flame:

“Plans are being implemented, incomes bring, hardships go away. As if the month is growing, so are the incomes increasing. “

After the wax is dripped onto the coin, they wait until it hardens, and placed inside the diary with the words:

“I create an amulet of abundance for myself, I attract pennies, I banish troubles. As long as he stays with me, I won’t see poverty, I won’t experience disappointments. I will tie pennies to myself for ten years, I will climb the newly-made peaks, I will not lose anything, but I will gain the newly-made ones ”.

The coin is kept in a secluded place, and the bank card is placed in the wallet for several hours, so that the energy is transferred to the money.

Anyone can attract pennies, but for this it is majestic to believe in yourself and strive for a happy life, overcoming difficulties and not stopping at what has been achieved. Confidence, backed up by rituals and rituals, will bring prosperity to life.

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