Apr 20, 2021
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Rite of passage for three candles to correct amorous and spiritual affairs

Rite of passage for three candles to correct amorous and spiritual affairs

In the distance, not always in love, everything goes as if it should be. In the amorous sphere, we sometimes need help to correct the posture in marriage, in relationships. In this regard, a ritual for three candles will be very healthy.

The ritual depicted in the bass will help to find harmony, overcome misunderstandings and get rid of quarrels in a couple. Earlier we have already told about the rituals of reconciliation and love in the family. The time has come to get acquainted with another rite, which will help solve problems in matters of the heart.

You will need three divine candles, a card of a worshiped person and a mirror. The ceremony is held as if it could be more sincere by midnight. It is harmless if this was a phase of the Moon’s growth or decrease, but not the New Moon and even less the Full Moon. Try to be in solitude so that no one and nothing bothers you.

Place a mirror opposite yourself, and three candles in front of it. Tune in to the right wave, throw all redundant thoughts out of your head. Take a photo of the other half in your hands and follow the instructions.

For the alphabet, you need to light the first candle. After you have done this, say: “I light a candle, I attract love. Let the troubles go away and happiness come. Let love find life again. ” Light the second candle and say: “Let’s make up and not get angry. Love will cease to be all our dreams. It will become a reality again, by our force, by our connection ”. Light the last candle and say: “Take my hand and do not let go. Drown in my love every day. Three candles will go out when you stay with me forever. ”

After that, blow out the candles, take the photo of the idolized person with two hands and say “so be it.” After that, serve the mirror with a cloth and put it in a place that no one has access to for a week. After a week has gone smoothly, get hold of a mirror and thank it if the relationship has improved. If not, repeat the ceremony again.

Remember that you must believe in the help of the ceremony and do everything possible so that a warm time comes in the relationship. If you do it the other way around, the ceremony will not help.

Experts advise to use amorous amulets and watch out for Love”>love horoscopes. It will be great for everyone – as if for those who are in a relationship, as well as for those who are just looking for their other half.

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