Jan 28, 2021
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Rite of passage for the birth of a talisman: creating an injecting talisman

Rite of passage for the birth of a talisman: creating an injecting talisman

It is possible to create an effective amulet for protection from any evil thanks to the knowledge of our grandfathers. They knew how to subjugate the forces of nature and interact with them in order to protect themselves from troubles and troubles.

The creation of an amulet begins with the choice of a thing, what it will become. The most effective object for this is the ring. Experts recommend choosing a talisman scrupulously, paying attention to intuition so that you really like the thing and evoke positive emotions. For this, rings without engraving and stones are ideal, smooth and durable.

As if to speak a talisman for protection from evil

The creation of the amulet consists in interaction with the elements, which represent the coming amulet. Our grandfathers called this process a birth and carried it out in solitude in order to create a truly strong defense. Before, as if asking for help from the forces of nature, the amulet was invariably named with a name that was kept secret. After that, the rite of birth began, turning in turn to each of the four elements.

one. The ring is immersed in water and said:

“Water-water, support my ring to be born. In your murmur, pronounce his name (name). Grant him your purity, the ability to remain invisible and hide from enemies. “

2. The amulet is carried over the heat with the words:

“My dear fire, the power of great manifestation, has protected my people. Say his name with sparks, repeat after me (name of the amulet). Take in the power of my talisman, illuminate my path and save the heat. I will keep myself warm, I will protect myself from evil and cruel people. “

3. The amulet is sprinkled with earth with the words:

“Mother earth, support my ring to be born, to declare to the world. With a rustle of foliage, together with me, name him (name). Mother Earth, reward me with prosperity and omniscience. “

4. The ceremony is completed by placing the ring on the palm and stretching out his hand towards the wind with the words:

“The wind-breeze, its power of manifestation, has protected my people. With a roar of thunder, pronounce his name (name of the amulet), give the power of four whirlwinds, but do not cheat on love.

After the ceremony, they bow on four sides and say:

“In the name of the Great Clan, I conjure the amulet to serve me with faith and truth, keep my happiness, yeah, bring me luck.”

Such a ritual will help to create a large khaki amulet, which will help to go around the Palestinian troubles and troubles, to preserve good luck and prosperity. Performing it is more important than a total of four steps, every day seeing an amulet of one of the elements.

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