Apr 8, 2021
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Rite of passage for a flowering branch: as if to enhance beauty and preserve youth

Rite of passage for a flowering branch: as if to enhance beauty and preserve youth

You can preserve beauty and attractiveness thanks to proven rituals. The most convenient time for them is the warm stage from spring to early dawn. With the help of a ritual for a flowering branch, you will be able to increase your beauty and prolong your youth.

Experts recommend conducting a ceremony to maintain youth and beauty during the waxing moon phase. The energy of the night sparkle will help maintain a magnificent blooming appearance, and the forces of nature will consolidate the result for many years.

The ceremony can be performed on any day of the week. It doesn’t take countless time to get ready. It will require:

flowering branch of any tree; spring water; Red ribbon; garden var.

Before the ceremony, bioenergy experts recommend meditating to tune in to the idea that the body is changing and rejuvenating.

The first step is to find any tree that has already bloomed. More importantly, fruit trees are suitable for this: apple, peach, cherry, pear. A suitable twig is neatly cut, and the cut site is treated with garden varnish so as not to harm the tree. After that, a red ribbon is tied on one of the branches as a token of gratitude.

A drop of water is taken from the key, brought home and a twig is placed in it. After a couple of hours, they take out the branch, stand in front of the mirror and drive it all over the body, saying:

“The tree is transformed, flowers bloom. As if it is getting younger, lifting up the garment, so much will I preserve my youth, increase my beauty, improve my health. “

After that, they wash themselves three times with spring water with the words:

“The spring water absorbed the power of nature, came to the surface, found me. I wash my face with water, I preserve youth and beauty, I don’t succumb to old age, I remain young ”.

After the completion of the ceremony, the twig is again placed in the remaining spring water for a day, and then, with words of gratitude, it is taken further away from home.

The advice of our grandfathers will help to preserve youth and attractiveness. They informed the secrets of beauty and recipes that help to preserve beauty for many years.

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