Oct 18, 2020
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Rita Dakota boasted that she bought two luxury apartments

18:12, 18.10.2020

The star showed the first photos of the new real estate.

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Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky broke up in 2018. After a scandalous divorce from her husband, the career of an artist went uphill - she released a new album, regularly gives concerts, and the number of her followers on social networks has grown significantly. Because of this, the singer's fees also increased. Today Rita Dakota told how she spent her money.

In her microblog on Instagram, Rita boasted that she had bought two apartments. After renovation, Dakota plans to make real estate a source of passive income. The artist admitted that she was thinking about buying a home two years ago, when her life changed dramatically. The singer said that she was always afraid that she would be left without means of subsistence with a child in her arms and would not be able to give her daughter a decent life.

Rita Dakota boasted that she bought two apartments in a luxurious house

At one point, Rita Dakota realized that if she bought herself an apartment and rented it out, she would receive an additional source of income, which would not depend on her health and other conditions. The star admitted that today, having visited her new real estate, she cried with happiness and realized that now she will always have money with which she can support her daughter.

“Behind my back is a luxurious house with a view of Moscow City, and in my pocket are the keys to two cozy two-storey studios, which I will now ... rent. Friends, I didn’t tell you about this for a long time and didn’t share my happiness, and then I thought that perhaps my story would inspire someone. I wish each of you to make your dreams come true, so that your soul is always calm and good, ”Rita Dakota wrote in her microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes. - Prim. row.).

Now Rita Dakota and her daughter live in an apartment, which the singer acquired while still married to Vlad Sokolovsky. After the divorce, the couple were able to agree that Rita and her daughter Mia would live in the apartment. The artist decided to completely redo the repairs in housing, so that after three of them could move in there with her new young man - Fyodor Belogai.

Fedor Belogai and Rita Dakota

It is worth noting that Rita Dakota's new relationship began less than a year ago, but the couple practically does not part after returning from Bali, where they had an affair. The couple spent together a forced self-isolation regime introduced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, while the lovers noted that they practically did not quarrel.

Together Fedor and Rita already had to overcome several difficulties. For example, in September, the couple could not fly out of Turkey, where they went to rest for three days, due to the singer's coronavirus test showing an ambiguous result. Despite the fact that Rita Dakota had already been ill with COVID-19, she was still isolated in a hotel, where they were supposed to spend two weeks. However, after three days, the lovers were tested again and were able to return home, proving that they were completely healthy.

Rita Dakota with her daughter Mia

“Amen, comrades! We're flying homeooooooooo! The test gave an error, as I expected. Nerves to us, of course, it all battered gloomily. But, you know, this fierce adventure still didn’t spoil that coveted cool weekend just for two of us, because, traditionally, in every shitty situation we find something to thank for and what to endure, ”Dakota said happily in her microblog on Instagram ( the spelling and punctuation of the author are hereinafter given unchanged. Prim. row.).

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