Sep 11, 2020
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Rita Dakota boasted a gift from her lover for 87 thousand rubles

13:59, 09/11/2020

Fedor Belogay presented the artist with sneakers from a famous brand.

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Rita Dakota and Fedor Belogay have been together for over six months. The singer and clip maker met on the set of a video where they were supposed to play a couple in love. It was then that a spark slipped between Rita and Fyodor. After a short conversation, the couple decided to live together on the island of Bali. The artist admits that then she did not plan any joint future with Fedor.

Now the romance between White and Dakota continues. The chosen one makes expensive gifts to the star. For example, today the artist boasted of unusual sneakers from the Vetements brand, which cost about 90 thousand rubles. “Friends, I can't help bragging about you, look what the Fed gave me. Now fashionistas squeak. These are the same vitamins. Perfect what. Darling, thank you. I love you, I love you, ”Dakota turned to her beloved in a video on her microblog on Instagram, where she showed the new thing.

Rita Dakota boasted a gift from her lover for 87 thousand rubles

It is worth noting that Fedor and Rita try to spend as much time as possible together. For example, Belogay recently dropped out of business to come to Dakota and her daughter on vacation in Sochi. It is known that Fedor immediately found a common language with Rita's two-year-old daughter. The artist emphasized that her chosen one is not trying to replace Mia's father, but managed to become her good friend.

We will remind, the daughter Rita Dakota gave birth in 2017 from the singer Vlad Sokolovsky. Together, the spouses did not succeed in raising a child, since they divorced due to Vlad's betrayal. Over time, the ex-spouses were able to establish normal relations for the sake of the girl. Now Dakota even leaves the baby with her father for the night. Moreover, recently Sokolovsky took Mia to his place for a week, because of which the singer was very worried. “Mothers who are divorced from the child's father, tell us about your experience like this. What time did they start letting go to see dad? And how long is the maximum? Has the child survived? How did everything go? Do you have any advice from psychologists on what mistakes to avoid? " - wrote the singer in the microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. - Prim. line).

Fedor Belogai and Rita Dakota

Recall that the relationship between Sokolovsky and Dakota deteriorated markedly two days ago. Rita again publicly reminded her ex-husband of his infidelity and said that she still feels ashamed for his behavior. The artist herself would be glad to forget the past, but those around her constantly remind her of Sokolovsky's infidelity. As Dakota said, at the last party, an unfamiliar girl approached her and admitted that Vlad offered her to spend time together in the sauna, but she refused. The girl's revelation made an impression on Dakota, who remembered all the insults inflicted on her by the ex-spouse.

Vlad Sokolovsky did not appreciate the personal post on the microblog on Instagram of Rita Dakota and eventually unsubscribed from her. The singer commented afterwards that she did not want to offend the ex-spouse, but was not going to be silent about what happened. “I swear, friends, I didn't have such a goal. I am very sorry that Vlad was offended. I can only be responsible for my side. And my thoughts are pure, ”said Dakota in the Stories section.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota

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