Feb 17, 2021
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Rita Dakota almost became the mistress of a married man

Rita Dakota almost became the mistress of a married man

30-year-old singer Rita Dakota said that men should be checked.

A graduate of “Star Factory – 7” recalled her sad experience of family life. Dakota admitted that she had been “on both sides of the barricades.” A young mother faced infidelity in marriage with Vlad Sokolovsky, and later she herself fell for the bait of an unfree man.

I was married, where they cheated on me (some of the girls, they say, did not know that my husband was married), and I almost entered into a relationship with a guy who, it turns out, was not free. We did not go far: I found out about it before I got into trouble“, – admitted Rita.

The performer of the hit “Flock of Whales” noted that such situations often happen in the lives of girls. According to Rita, the problem is that men try not to advertise the presence of a second half.

The star considered options how not to get into such a situation. For the answer, she turned to familiar men from show business and hangouts who allowed themselves romances on the side. And in almost every case, the representatives of the stronger sex were sure that the girls were already happy with everything.

Rita Dakota
Rita Dakota

On average, the options were as follows: 1. She doesn’t ask if I’m married or not. So it doesn’t really matter. 2. Yes, everyone knows, and she knows. Most likely, everyone has different standards of decency. 3. She doesn’t care if she doesn’t start this topic. 4. In the era of the Internet, everyone knows everything“, – Rita summed up the results.

The pop star advised the girls to pay attention to this fact of the biography of their chosen one and not hesitate to ask him questions. “And to my question, would you honestly say about your status, if you were asked, everyone answered: yes. Something tells me that no one usually asks anyone, because we always judge by ourselves and think of others as ourselves. Like, I wouldn’t lie, and he wouldn’t either. I would, girls. Many who, alas, would become“- added Dakota.

The singer advised the girls not to waste time and immediately clarify the marital status of the chosen one. “Ask about the status of the person you are dating on the first date. It’s as simple as “Are you free, are you not in a relationship?” Because for me it’s taboo“- finished Rita.

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