Jan 24, 2021
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Rita Dakota, 30, has two neoplasms of unknown origin

20:40, 23.01.2021

The singer is afraid that she has cancer.

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January 21 Rita Dakota urgently taken to hospital due to a sharp deterioration in health. During a vacation in Bali, the 30-year-old singer had a seizure. A star with her lover Fyodor Belogai went to the ex-spouse power Sokolovsky pick up daughter Miyu… The artist noted that before that she felt good, but during the meeting she was twisted from severe pain in the lower abdomen. Fortunately, Fedor was not taken aback and, despite the panic, was able to quickly deliver Rita to the emergency room. According to Dakota, during the seizure, it seemed to her that she was dying.

“I could not bend or unbend, I just lay on my side, unable to breathe from pain. It darkened in my eyes, my arms and legs were numb, I directly felt that something terrible was happening, slowly losing consciousness from pain, “Dakota shared in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are here and below without changes. – Prim. line.). In a medical institution, the singer was given painkillers, and also conducted a number of studies. Unfortunately, the test results were disappointing – today Rita said that the doctor on duty found two neoplasms in one of her pictures.

Rita Dakota, 30, has two neoplasms of unknown origin

The origin of Rita’s neoplasms is still unknown. The doctor on duty was unable to conduct more accurate analyzes, and at the moment Dakota is awaiting the conclusion of other specialists and the results of new research. “I was on drugs, half asleep, but through my blurred consciousness I heard my Balinese best friend and my man in shock, vying with each other, threw questions at the doctor, whether it was a tumor, malignant or benign, whether it was a sarcoma, a cyst, whether they would urgently operate on me” , – said the singer.

Rita’s sudden health problems shocked her. Now the singer is afraid of a serious diagnosis and hopes that doctors will not find her oncology. “This hour was the longest in my life. But also the most surprising. I suddenly realized where I had taken the wrong turn and how to fix it. “If only not cancer, if only not cancer,” I whispered inside myself, ”the artist shared.

Fedor Belogai and Rita Dakota

It is worth noting that Rita Dakota’s serious health problems are especially unexpected, since the artist leads a very healthy lifestyle. The singer regularly engages in spiritual practices with her beloved Fedor and her three-year-old daughter Mia, and also eats right. Dakota has a preference for food without animal products, despite the fact that she does not consider herself a vegetarian.

2021 began unsuccessfully for Rita, but at the end of 2020, the singer’s business went uphill. In October, Dakota made a profitable investment in real estate and acquired two luxurious two-story studios, which he plans to rent for an additional source of income. It is noteworthy that the apartment is not the singer’s only big purchase over the past year. In early December, the artist fulfilled her old dream and bought my own music studio… Now Rita will be able to work on her compositions without leaving home.

Rita Dakota with her daughter Mia by Vlad Sokolovsky

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