Jun 8, 2022
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Riot in the backyard: the United States received a powerful blow from the rear

The Ninth Summit of the Americas, which opened on Monday in Los Angeles, was supposed to mark the return of the United States to Latin America and confirm the relevance of the Monroe Doctrine, which in the 19th century proclaimed the Western Hemisphere a zone of Washington’s strategic interests. However, the forum is likely to become an arena of public confrontation between North America and South America, which is going to disrupt the American holiday.

Scandal at the beginning of the holiday

The White House, which is hosting the summit, could not have expected this. The Summit of the Americas, formally held under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS), threatens to turn into a diplomatic fiasco for the White House. Despite the agenda announced by the hosts of the event (five documents must be adopted, including on migration, the coronavirus pandemic and other issues), the main topic of the meeting was the scandal that erupted the day before. The US administration at the very last moment confirmed that it had not invited Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to Los Angeles.

As a result, the presidents of Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras and some other leaders did not come to the summit in protest. As a result, everyone forgot that the US administration promised to demonstrate at the summit its vision of a “sustainable, durable and just future” in the Western Hemisphere. Everything focused on the revolt of the countries of Latin America, which only outwardly expressed itself in the refusal of some to accept Biden’s invitation. In fact, we are talking about tectonic shifts in relations between the United States and the region that they have considered their “backyard” for almost two centuries.

Riot in the backyard

The instigator of the revolt was the Mexican leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who announced a couple of weeks before the summit that he was not going to participate in it if not all countries of the region were invited to the meeting. He personally called the White House, demanding that the American leadership come to their senses and return to reality. And the reality of our time suggests that Latin America of today is not Latin America even half a century ago. The Americans have not changed their minds. Lopez Obrador too. Moreover, other leaders joined him. As a result, the States and President Biden personally received a resounding slap in the face in public.

This is an unheard of diplomatic demarche, which until recently was impossible in relations between the US and Mexico, which is Washington’s main economic partner in Latin America and the main player with which the US is trying to solve the most acute migration problem on its southern border. Tens of thousands of migrants from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are sent to Mexico in order to get to the US-Mexico border in search of a better life and get to the United States in any way. Thus, it is already clear that the migration agreement announced by the US administration, in which Mexico was supposed to be the main actor, will either be thwarted, or, if signed, will become a fiction and by no means a diplomatic victory, as they are trying to present in the White House.

“This is directly detrimental to the White House’s goals for this summit, where it intends to reach a new migration agreement for the region,” writes the Argentine news portal

Mishanded Cossack

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez initially stated that, like the President of Mexico, he was not going to go to Los Angeles unless Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua were invited there. However, he later announced that he was going. But not as a renegade, but in order to represent an alternative organization to the OAS – the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (SELAC), created in 2011 in opposition to the OAS and the United States dominating it. Argentina currently chairs SELAC. According to the Argentine newspaper Clarin, as chairman of SELAC, Fernandez is expected to be the voice of those excluded from the summit.

It turns out that the Summit of the Americas, conceived by Washington as a forum for consolidating US hegemony in the Western Hemisphere, has been turned by Latin Americans into an arena of opposition to Washington. The United States found itself in a surprisingly curious position: preparing a holiday in its honor, they prepared an arena from which they would be denounced or at least criticized. It seems that the Americans greatly miscalculated when they insisted that the president of Argentina come to Los Angeles. A lot of attention will be riveted on him because he looks like he will continue the sabotage of the “American holiday” started by the President of Mexico.

anti-liberal axis

The political events of the last three years in Latin America show that the countries of the continent are turning “to the left”. The onset of the left cycle in Latin America was not expected because of the traditional alternation of right and left governments in the countries of the region. It is due to the failure of the neo-liberal idea both in Latin America and on other continents.

Characteristic evidence of the so-called “left turn” in Latin America is the bilateral relations between Mexico and Argentina, whose leaders, during a bilateral meeting about a year ago, verbally formalized what was later called the “left turn” of the region. Alberto Fernandez and Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced a common political vector aimed “to consolidate a new progressive, anti-neoliberal axis in Latin America.” Both presidents have spoken out in favor of strengthening the geopolitical alliance in the region … with the aim of ending the recent past and the legacy of the last neo-liberal governments.

That is why the Argentine President’s trip to the Summit of the Americas is seen as a kind of mission, the purpose of which is to tell the United States that their time on the continent has come to an end.

The intrigue that accompanies A. Fernadez’s visit to the Summit of the Americas was opened up by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who was not invited to the summit. He actually announced the embarrassment and diplomatic failure that the Latin Americans had prepared for Washington. On the opening day of the summit in Los Angeles, Maduro spoke on Venezolana de Television with the initiative to convene another summit – a summit of 33 SELAC countries, as an alternative to the Summit of the Americas, and invite Joe Biden to it. It is clear that the invitation to Biden will be sent to mock him, like a slap in the face, because Biden, of course, will not come to the SELAC meeting, which is saturated with the spirit of anti-Americanism. The SELAC summit, which brings together the same countries as the OAS (except the US and Canada), will be a forum for the humiliation of the United States by Latin America.

They want to piss off Russia

It is clear from the reports of the liberal Latin American press that the Summit of the Americas was being prepared by the United States in the context of the events in Ukraine. And only a naive person could assume that the United States would miss the chance to involve the countries of Latin America in the anti-Russian campaign that they are conducting around the world. In their absolute majority, they adhere to a neutral position and are devoid of any Russophobia. The United States will try to eliminate this “disorder”.

The main object of attack will be not only Russia, but also Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, which consider Russia their ally and openly oppose US dictates in the region. The Argentine right-liberal information portal writes without any hesitation: “The vast majority of the democracies of the world and America have condemned the crimes of Russia, and this should be the measure of the new configuration of the inter-American system. The United States must reward those who contribute to the creation of this new order and punish those associated with Russia.”

And another characteristic passage from, anticipating what will happen at the Summit of the Americas during all the days of its work: “Washington should do in the Western Hemisphere what it did in Europe. The European order is in the process of being reconfigured, of course, counting on… the leadership of the United States. Well, may the Biden administration assume that leadership on this continent with equal confidence. Just as Europe must be protected from Putin, America must be protected from criminal dictatorships associated with Putin.”

So what?

No matter how hard the strategists at the White House try, they are not able to stop the dramatic changes in the balance of power in the Western Hemisphere that are already in full swing, which are a direct consequence of the global changes that have become apparent with the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. The Monroe Doctrine, which the United States is trying with all its might to revive under the guise of building a “sustainable, durable and just future,” is dead. Only the American liberal elite lives in its own looking glass, trying to convulsively stop time and not see reality. The Cuban newspaper Granma sees at the root:

It is worth constantly reminding Washington that the America on which the United States applied the Monroe Doctrine and imposed poverty, invasions and wars is not the America of today. America is made up of all the peoples of the region, and not of those whom the President of the United States selects according to his whims and interests.

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