Jul 20, 2020
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Riddles about professions

Adults are sometimes surprised how quickly the child can not understand the world that surrounds them. But in order for this development to be really useful, we recommend you to see the mysteries in professions for children 4-5 years.

Just about the complex

  1. I'm in a Bathrobe, but not a doctor, selling drugs. Hush, poor don't cry, we'll laugh (pharmacist).pharmacist
  2. Don't like when they hurt our smaller friends. I treat all diseases of tigers, squirrels and kittens (vet).
  3. She meets kids, she feeds them, reads to them. She works in the garden, that child is called (the teacher).
  4. If you are a kid, suddenly I got a sore throat, call him soon, so you should (the doctor).
  5. I drive trains, but not the driver. I get up very early while you are still sleeping (driver).
  6. To milk the kids for Breakfast before his milk quick ... (milkmaids).
  7. I swim in the sea and running everything on your ship. I look (captain)!
  8. Folders, calculators, and reports. I think everything in the world, I have bills (accountant).
  9. I almost live in the cabin. Tractor mine is always with me. I work on the field in summer, autumn, spring (tractor).

All professions are good in their own way

Riddles about professions for children of kindergarten with the answers will help all those who are preparing for a children's competition or the quiz. Choose only the best!

  1. They say I am brave, Yes. I'm going straight to space, ladies and gentlemen. As I am called? (Astronaut)astronaut
  2. Guarding the streets, save us from the robbers. He knows exactly how to break the law is inadmissible (police officer).
  3. I'm in the sea the big ship. Six months later I will see the house (the sailor).
  4. Makes injections, wound cools. Removes bruises, in General help (nurse).
  5. Instead of the machine chose the tank, and did not regret. And dirt, and snow, and everything is generally easy for him to move (tanker).
  6. So nothing was lost, in both I see as necessary. Well, if you disappear, he trouble me (the guard).
  7. I always have wise with all to do. And all their disputes fair and square to decide (judge).
  8. I have my car up. I'm not scared, I fly, I think (the pilot).
  9. I dance. I perform on the stage every time. Very often I have fun, to laugh all of you (dancer).

Interesting questions

You can instill in kids a love of beauty – tell them only the best riddles about professions for children of kindergarten with the answers.

  1. Hairstyle is a matter of her hands. Will paint and put. You will find grandma's style, will find for young people (Barber).hairdresser
  2. His task is to guard the animals of the herd strong. Cows, sheep, even chickens in need of it (the shepherd).
  3. As soon as the time for lunch, his work remember. He's frying, stew, cook all – we are not going hungry (cook).
  4. She sells products, and clothing sells. All day she sells, gives and takes (the seller).
  5. If they hadn't, it just would be living in mud huts we. But they are at home erect like mountains, as the hills (builders).
  6. He had a large tray on it — a large meals. He quickly carries them, just will not forget (the waiter).
  7. For me a simple thing – telecast. Her myself I myself am, and always successfully (lead).
  8. Treat teeth children teeth adults, too. It hurts to do this, except a little (dentist).
  9. I train dogs to listen to them. Lie down, or give paw, in a voice barking or sit (the dog).

Guess the profession

Children in kindergarten will really appreciate riddles about professions, if you make it unusual and fun. Besides, there's no need to worry, because everything is already prepared in advance!

  1. He sits silent with a fishing rod in hand. Do not spook the fish! Quiet on the river (a fisherman)!fisherman
  2. He works with children, teaches something. Writes with chalk on the Board, now learn (teacher).
  3. Every day descends far underground. Honestly mine coal, the little wizard (Shakhtar Donetsk).
  4. Tool – the camera. He removes us. We have a little fun, so we smile (photographer).
  5. He loves cars, especially his own. He's driving all the time, he said "tired" (driver).
  6. Its vocation is to pretend. And, in fact, been a movie star (actor).
  7. Il I high notes, or low sing, know, very, very much love to sing (singer).
  8. He treads our grain right on the combine. He always gives us bread, delicious harvest (combine).

Simple and fun puzzle

Puzzles for kids 4-5 years is about the profession – the ability to engage and interest the child. After all, the best school is, of course, the game.

  1. The shirt sews, it sews dresses – the whole world it suits. Nothing about the boy, nor about the old man does not forget (tailor).tailor
  2. He emails friends, but don't read them. Mailboxes generously took (the postman).
  3. I fly like a bird not having wings. Like the people on the plane, I help them (the flight attendant).
  4. Everyone can draw, all I draw. The sky, the sun, the river the most (artist).
  5. With the computer always on, long I operate. Once it breaks, I fix it (programmer).
  6. Nature I am slim, and even in oblivion they do come up with poems (poet).
  7. The work is very necessary for every yard. I'll sweep it, it is always clean (janitor).
  8. I fly, but not in the skies and under the dome in the arena. Different shapes line, jump and twisted arc (acrobat).

Tell us about the modern profession is the most understandable to the child. Rest assured, he'll love it!

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