Jun 13, 2022
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Richard Haas: “We need to deal with the Russia that exists, and not with the one that we would prefer to see”

A major failure of US diplomacy in the sanctions war against Russia – IX “Summit of the Americas” in Los Angeles

The United States has clearly overestimated the scale of international “outrage” over Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. As well as its ability to force other countries to join the anti-Russian campaign, writes American conservative. “Sanctions have no support other than NATO and US allies scattered across Asia. Washington’s boorish attacks against other countries with threats to impose sanctions are completely ineffective. The US position is a textbook example of self-serving hypocrisy, given the long list of intrusions by the West itself into other states. – notes the American conservative edition.

The failure of the West’s sanctions war against Russia is also obvious to international observers. “The US and NATO have imposed unprecedented sanctions against Russia. But almost no country in the Global South has signed them. Analysts studying this situation see the activation of the non-aligned movement.”Richard Gowan, director of the International Crisis Group of the United Nations.

Anti-Russian sanctions have boomeranged the United States, although Biden blames Russia for this. Speaking at the reception of the National Committee of the Democratic Party, he told the Americans that the catastrophic rise in the price of food and gasoline in America is to blame … “Putin’s tax on food and gasoline.”

And here Biden absurdly contradicts himself, proposing to revise the embargo on Russian oil, lift the ban on imports of fuel from Russia and buy it at a reduced price. The question is, who will sell them at artificially low prices?

In the eyes of a number of senior US military and strategists, Ukraine’s defeat is inevitable. “I think the war in Donbass is starting to turn in favor of the Russians… They… act like they did in Mariupol and move forward… The Ukrainians will never destroy or defeat the Russians.”. These words were spoken on May 31 at a meeting at America’s leading think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) former Deputy Commander of the US Eurocommand, General Stephen Twitty. And the president CFR Richard Haas at this meeting remarked: “We need to deal with the Russia that exists, and not with the one we would prefer to see”.

The inevitability of the defeat of the Kyiv regime is also felt in Europe. The former Chief of Staff of the British Army, General Lord Richards, has already called for a way to convince Russia to “join the West, not merge with China.”

Veteran American diplomat Henry Kissinger believes that the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine could change the world against Western countries. “The parties should be involved in peace talks within the next two months. Otherwise, we will face a situation where Russia may completely cut off its ties with Europe and seek a permanent alliance elsewhere. It will set us back decades.” Kissinger said in Davos on May 24.

Criticism of the actions of the collective West in relation to Russia is gradually acquiring an international character.

In an interview with the Egyptian TV channel Sada el-Balad, the Secretary General of the Arab League (LAS) Ahmed Abu al-Gheit condemned Western countries that put pressure on Arab countries, demanding to vote against Russia in its conflict with Ukraine. “The Western world is putting pressure on us: ‘Vote with us. Speak out against the Russian position. Judge her.”Ahmed Abu al-Gheith says.

A major diplomatic setback for the United States was IX “Summit of the Americas”, held June 6-10 in Los Angeles.

“The event that took place in Los Angeles brought more scandals than results … The preparatory documents for the summit contained only a decorative agenda, which is of little interest to ordinary people, whose priorities are very far from the prescriptions of the globalist bureaucracy. Inflation, poverty, drug trafficking, terrorism, insecurity, debt and unemployment are the biggest problems that have plagued the region for decades. But none of this, of course, was on the agenda covering the period until 2030.»wrote Spanish Newspaper.

As the host, the US did not invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the summit, describing them as dictatorships. As a result, the leaders of Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras and almost every Caribbean nation refused to come to the summit.

The State Department has made great efforts to achieve the cancellation of the parallel summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States – (CELAC). As a result, the CELAC summit was canceled, but in Los Angeles “the voice of the regional [латиноамериканского] socialism” was presented, writes Newspaperthe President of Argentina, who “got a great opportunity to lecture Biden right at the American president’s house».

“The organizational and diplomatic catastrophe that manifested itself during the IX Summit of the Americas demonstrated the divergence of interests of the United States and Latin American countries. The diagnostic miscalculations of the Biden administration regarding its “backyard” are colossal … The failure, which turned out to be something between the epic and the grotesque, demonstrated that “America” is not the space on which the degraded and stagnant US politics can be based.– states the Spanish edition.

Cover photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

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