Feb 17, 2021
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RIA Novosti: in Sakhalin, one-story houses are covered with snow on the roof

On February 16, a powerful cyclone came to the island from the mainland. The wind speed in some places reaches 35 meters per second, there is heavy sleet, one-story houses are swept over the roof, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the mayor of the Tymovsk urban district, Sergei Lazarev, these weather events are not unusual for the region, but this has not been observed in the last two years.

Snow clearing work is underway on the main highways, but it is sweeping through everything again. “Our central streets have been cleared. <…> We are not going to courtyards and distant streets yet, ”the agency quotes the mayor as saying. Part of the district is left without electricity – in some places the power generation cannot work due to strong gusts of wind.

According to forecasters, the snow storm on the island should recede by Thursday.

Earlier it was reported that when clearing the pass between the village of Pervomaisk and the Okruzhnoye field on Sakhalin, a grader driver disappeared. An employee of the Petrosakh company left for the site in a snowfall on February 16 and did not return from the shift.

On the eve of the region due to bad weather, transport links, including the ferry crossing, were suspended.

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