Oct 29, 2021
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RF urged partners in Europe to urge Kiev to end violence in Donbass

Russia, in connection with the “filtration measures” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Staromaryevka on the demarcation line in Donbass, called on the partners in the “Normandy format” and the OSCE to urge Kiev to end the violence. This is stated in the statement on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Moscow noted that the situation in the settlement remains difficult. The Ukrainian military, in particular, impose a curfew there and prohibit residents from leaving their homes in order to check the passport regime. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, these documents were confiscated from the holders of passports of Russia and the DPR, and the citizens themselves were subjected to violent actions, which ultimately led to an armed escalation.

“Fortunately, only buildings were damaged during the shelling, but not people,” the commentary says.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also said that now the situation in Staromaryevka has somewhat relieved itself. Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross and members of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission are in the area.

We will remind, earlier the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova called on the United States, Germany and France to stop militarizing Ukraine. She stressed that the conflict in the south-east of the country cannot be resolved by military means.

Meanwhile, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, commenting on Kiev’s use of the Bayraktar strike drone in Donbass, stated that this was a response to the actions of the enemy.

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