Nov 20, 2021
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Revealed the scale of the rise in prices for secondary housing in Moscow

The average cost per square meter of finished housing in Moscow for the year by November 2021 increased by 20 percent, to 270 thousand rubles (excluding the cost of elite apartments). The scale of the rise in prices for the “secondary housing” TASS was revealed by the director of the sales office of the secondary real estate agency Est-a-Tet Yulia Dymova.

As the expert noted, demand is putting pressure on the value of real estate, and until the end of 2021 there will be a steady rise in apartment prices. Price tags may rise by at least the amount of inflation, Dymova said.

Irina Dobrokhotova, chairman of the board of directors of Best-Novostroy, said in her turn that high-quality and rare apartments are growing in price much faster than ordinary ones. During the period of the market decline, their cost hardly decreases, the specialist emphasized.

“At the secondary market [жилья] now there is more growth potential (than the primary one – approx. “”), – stated Dobrokhotova. “The most interesting second-hand offers will certainly be able to afford to rise in price for the whole next year, the less liquid ones will be completely dependent on the prices of new buildings.”

Earlier, real estate market participants said that the average level of prices for secondary real estate in Russia is already very high and does not correspond to the financial capabilities of many potential buyers. But none of them promised a collapse in price tags.

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