Nov 1, 2021
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Revaccination can reduce the risk of complications from COVID-19 by 92%, death – by 81%

The study was conducted from July to September during the next surge in the incidence in Israel against the background of the widespread use of the delta variant. Recall that this country was one of the first to carry out mass vaccinations in record time and also became the world leader in the number of booster doses administered.

To assess the effectiveness of revaccination, scientists at the Clalit Research Institute and Harvard University used an integrated database of this medical record, which includes information about the vaccinations received. Experts analyzed the data of 728.3 thousand people over 12 years old who received the third dose of Pfizer vaccine. Another 728.3 thousand people with similar demographic and medical indicators were selected for the control group – they all received two components of the vaccine in the winter-spring of 2021.

During the study, participants were redistributed from one group to another as their vaccination status changed. Also, scientists have conducted many tests and analyzes to eliminate the error in assessing the effectiveness of the drug.

The results showed that those vaccinated with the third dose of the vaccine had a 93% lower risk of hospitalization in the event of a breakthrough infection compared with those who received the two vaccine components. The likelihood of complications decreases by 92% already 7 days after receiving the booster, and the probability of death – by 81%. Most importantly, the effectiveness of revaccination did not depend on gender, age, concomitant diseases and was the same for everyone.

“These data provide compelling evidence that the third dose of the vaccine is very effective against severe COVID-19-related outcomes in different age groups one week after administration. The results should stimulate countries to make informed policy decisions, ”said Professor Ran Balicer, lead author of the study.

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