Apr 26, 2021
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Return Kharkov and Odessa!

Return Kharkov and Odessa!

Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

Reuniting Donbass with Russia is Moscow’s top priority. So says the CEO of the Institute for Political Studies Sergey Markov

According to “Politnavigator”, the political scientist on the sidelines of the forum “Unity of Russians: Protection of Rights and Freedoms” said that not only residents of the Donbass People’s Republics would vote for reunification with Russia, but it would also be supported in Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye and Nikolaev. However, according to him, the population there does not have the opportunity to freely express their will.

“Now the absolute majority not only in Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Mariupol will vote for reunification with Russia, but also in Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye – there will also be an absolute majority on the vote for reunification if they had the opportunity to vote freely. But they do not have such an opportunity. To give them the opportunity to vote freely is our main historical task “, – the expert emphasized.

“And the anti-Russian Ukraine project was created only with the aim of eliminating Russia. This is a gun put to our hearts. And we must knock this pistol out of the hands of the enemy and take it for ourselves ”, – he summed up.

I wonder how Markov proposes to give the opportunity to vote to residents of cities and failed Novorossia? For this, you will have to really fight with Ukraine. And if so, are the inhabitants of these cities really waiting for liberation for all seven years and keeping flowers under their pillows with which they plan to meet Russian tanks?

Presumably, over the past seven years, the Ukrainian authorities have made every effort to, if not eradicate pro-Russian sentiments, then neutralize the potential “fifth column”. And the inhabitants of these cities themselves, obviously, are not only intimidated, but also disappointed with the actions, or rather, the inaction of Russia, even in relation to the Donbass, which paid a terrible price for the right to be Russian, but did not come very close to fulfilling the dream of becoming part of Russia …

However, he approached. At the forum already mentioned above, the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin said that at the current rate, a million citizens of the young republics will receive passports of the Russian Federation.

“I want to immediately thank those who took part in this, contributed to the achievement of such a large significant figure for Donbass – 500 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation. This is important, it is valuable, but this is only the first step. We are moving on “– he noted.

But where to go next then? Markov argues that reuniting Donbass with Russia is Moscow’s top priority. Is the Kremlin aware of this task?

– Of course, this is the private opinion of Sergei Alexandrovich, – considers political scientist Alexander Dudchak… – And he has a right to it. But it can be assumed that Moscow is primarily seeking to prevent the resumption of full-scale hostilities with new casualties among the residents of Donbass.

“SP”: – According to him, not only residents of the republics will vote for this initiative – it will also be supported in Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev and Zaporozhye. Maybe decide with Donbass first? At least with the DPR and LPR within the current borders, and then think about others?

– We can talk about the support of such an opinion in these cities. But it is difficult to imagine such a vote in the conditions of today’s Ukraine. If voting were really possible, without falsifications, without fears on the part of the voters, most likely people would support … But what did they support? Initiative? Sentence? While this is a hypothetical and very conditional problem.

“SP”: – Markov named Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev and Zaporozhye. Do they really want to join but can’t? Or have you already got sick after 2014?

– The reality of perspectives has a synergistic effect. It’s one thing to talk about an event for which there is no hope, and another thing when the prospects are real. People have almost no hopes for the development of events, which were among the majority of residents of the South-East of Ukraine immediately after the Crimean events – seven years is a very long time to wait for something, want something … People are forced to adapt to the conditions that unable to change. Conditions will change – expectations and desires will change.

“SP”: – But what about Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk? Is it worse there? Markov deliberately missed them?

– I don’t think that Markov carefully checked the geography of his statement. You need to ask him – consciously or not.

“SP”: – What is really needed for them to join Russia? What scenarios can there be? Is it necessary for Ukraine to attack Crimea or Donbass, and Russia fully responded by forcing peace in Kiev itself?

– For a start, it would be good to limit the implementation of the Minsk agreements with some time frame. This cannot be forever. Then, if Kiev fails to comply with these agreements in due time, confirm the right of residents of Donbass to make their choice. And let’s first deal with the present and future of Donbass. Since Russia will not attack anyone, you can be sure of this, then we will wait for action from Kiev Tabaka.

If Kiev will commit suicide in an attempt to start a new full-scale war, nothing can be ruled out.

– Stop living with “Wishlist”! – calls on historian, publicist and permanent expert of the Izborsk club Alexander Dmitrievsky. – Let’s return those who have been striving for this for seven years – Donbass.

“SP”: – By the way, about the borders of the DPR and LPR. The constitutions of the republics contain an application for the entire territory of the former Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Is it realistic for the republics to return these lands?

– More than. Back in 2015, it was said that in order to get from Donetsk to Dnepropetrovsk, 70 percent of the losses would have to simply reach the borders of the regions, to break through the defense line of Ukraine.

“SP”: – By the way, a trivial question, but … Why did Donbass succeed, while others do not? Well, Odessa, of course, is far from Russia, but Kharkov … in the minds of Russians, this city has always been considered the most pro-Russian in Ukraine, more pro-Russian than Donetsk and Lugansk. Something went wrong? Did they really want to join Russia less, or did Ukraine just throw all its forces into suppressing the uprising there, because it was afraid to lose Kharkiv more than Donbass?

– Whether they like it or not – time will tell. But when they say that Kharkiv was more pro-Russian than Donetsk and Luhansk, I get a venomous grin. The same, by the way, about the Crimea. If you look at the data of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, you will see that in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions there are never “Bandera” (I mean all pro-Ukrainian parties: Yushchenko, Tymoshenko etc.) did not gain more than 3 percent in total. And in the Crimea – 22. In Kharkov and other cities, joining Russia – these were nothing more than the “wishlist” of individual local politicians.

As for Dnepropetrovsk, justly not mentioned by Markov, this city is categorically not ours. There is no need to entertain the illusion that there will be any pro-Russian forces there.

“SP”: – What is needed in order for these cities to be reunited with Russia? Will we have to fight Ukraine for real?

– This requires the will of the population. If it does not exist, Russia will be unable to do anything. It is necessary for the population of these cities and regions to want to join Russia itself, as the Donbass wanted. I am categorically against driving them to Russia by force. There are millions of people in Donbass who want reunification with Russia, why spend money on the release of those who do not want it. Give already millions of people in Donbass what they want.

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