Oct 1, 2021
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Restlessness in Caucasus again – Iran starts military exercises

Azerbaijan is outraged that exercises are taking place on its borders

For the first time after the Soviet Union collapsed and the Transcaucasian republics became independent states, the Iranian army began large-scale military exercises near the Azerbaijani borders. The commander of the ground forces of the Iranian army, General Kiumars Heydar, which caused outrage in Baku.

According to the President of Azerbaijan Ilham AliyevIran’s military exercises are unexpected, as nothing like this has happened in the region over the past thirty years.

“Why exactly now and why on our border? Why were the exercises not organized when the Armenians were in Jabrayil, Zangilan and Fizuli? Why is this done after we liberated these lands and ended the 30-year occupation? “

– Aliyev was perplexed in an interview with the Turkish news agency “Anatolia”

Tehran considers conducting military exercises on its territory as the sovereign right of any state.

Press Secretary of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Said Khatibzade stated that he was surprised by the reaction of Baku, given the good-neighborly relations between the two countries, especially since “The Foreign Ministers of Iran and Azerbaijan have already discussed the issue of exercises and other topics at a meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in New York”

However, there is a reason for the aggravation of relations between Iran and Azerbaijan – this is the creation of obstacles for the passage of Iranian trucks along the Goris-Kapan highway in Armenia, this section of the route near the Armenian-Iranian border in Baku is considered their territory and, having established a checkpoint there, they began to take from the Iranian drivers’ customs duty. Relations worsened even more after the Azerbaijani military detained and took away several Iranian drivers, whose fate is still unknown.

“For Tehran, such actions of Azerbaijan were unexpected. Even more surprising was the fact that the issue of the detained Iranian drivers was not quickly resolved. Moreover, the situation is not resolved directly – Turkey is involved in the negotiations. Baku’s actions compromise Iran. Azerbaijan allows itself to detain Iranian drivers on the territory of Armenia, which it considers its own. Such actions cannot be ignored without harming Tehran’s reputation, “

– confident orientalist Artyom Tonoyan

In his opinion, the tension in the region will increase. And although it is unlikely that it will come to open hostilities, Tehran has ways of influencing Baku, among which is the land road from Azerbaijan to Nakhichevan, passing through the territory of Iran. Another mechanism is the expansion of cooperation with Armenia, especially in the military sphere, and Yerevan should definitely use this chance, Tatoyan said.

Meanwhile, Iran continues to pull military equipment to the borders of Azerbaijan.

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