Aug 6, 2022
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Restaurant worker dressed as mouse accused of racism for ignoring a child

the mouse mascot ignores the childNatiana Muhammad did not expect that a trip with children to the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant (Wayne, New Jersey, USA) would cause her such disappointment.

the mouse mascot ignores the child

The mother of the family is sure that her 2-year-old daughter was subjected to racial discrimination in the restaurant. All because of an employee dressed in a mouse costume, which is the mascot of “Chuck E. Cheese”. This character greeted all the kids who came up to him, but ignored Natiana’s daughter. The woman is sure that everything happened precisely because of the color of the skin of the child.

the mouse mascot ignores the child

The Chuck E. Cheese manager apologized to the outraged client, and the girl took a picture with the mouse. However, Natiana is still seething with indignation, and many Internet users share the woman’s feelings.

the mouse mascot ignores the child

True, there are people who are in no hurry to accuse a restaurant employee of racism. The fact is that bulky costumes sometimes limit the view very much, so that a stranger in a mouse outfit could simply not notice a little girl.

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