Sep 15, 2022
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Responsible for Izyum and Balakleya flew to Krivoy Rog: Karachun, the dam hit by the Russian Aerospace Forces, will drop the APU into cold water

Responsible for Izyum and Balakleya flew to Krivoy Rog: Karachun, the dam hit by the Russian Aerospace Forces, will drop the APU into cold water

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

According to the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), on September 14, Russian troops attacked the Ukrainian hydraulic infrastructure in the western part of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

ISW experts, citing independent military officials, write that eight (according to other sources, six) missiles hit the Karachun dam, or rather the dam on the Karachunovsky reservoir, which is located on the western outskirts of Krivoy Rog. Information also came from the city that the Kryvorizhskaya TPP (the third largest coal-fired power station in Ukraine) “pained” too.

Let us briefly explain that the volume of the Karachunovskoye reservoir on the Ingulets River before the impact was 308.5 million m³, while the dam had the following dimensions: length – 205 m, height – 24 m, width – 7.5 m. The dam was not completely destroyed, but has very serious damage that will have a strong, but not catastrophic effect on the area downstream.

We will return to this later, but it is much more important to look at the bigger picture. So, the attack on Kryvyi Rih targets, judging by the videos on ukrnet, was carried out by X-101 missiles, with a high probability from the Tu-95MS bomber. There are numerous videos of the arrival on local forums, accompanied by remarks “there is no air defense at all, from words at all.”

It seems that the rumors are confirmed, as if Kyiv removed all air defense systems from the objects of the critical infrastructure of the “nenka” and threw them in support of the Izyum counteroffensive. What is especially curious: coming out soldiers on army chats write that largely thanks to the “heroic anti-aircraft gunners” they were able to carry out deep raids in the Kharkov direction.

But for this, the Armed Forces of Ukraine paid a big price, since they were actually left without air defense. It is very similar to the fact that independent calculations really pulled the Russian aviation over to themselves and unanimously signed up for losses.

It is difficult to judge how true this is, but the Ze-team has already bombarded the Pentagon with hysterical demands for the urgent delivery of NASAMS and IRIS-T air defense systems. Although this is a slightly different topic, but earlier Ukrainian sources still reported on the interception of some of our missiles and even laid out proofs with debris. Now – silence.

Even talkative “office” (functionaries of the OP) are forced to bypass this topic, which is unpleasant for them. In particular, the deputy head of the presidential office [Украины] Tymoshenko stated: “Regarding the actions and consequences of the rocket bombardment of the hydraulic structures of Krivoy Rog. At the impact site, a water leak of 100 cubic meters per second is observed. This is a significant amount. And the water level in the Ingulets River changes every hour. We are clearly aware of the scale of the tasks that we face to eliminate the consequences of missile strikes.”

As you can see, not a word about the work of independent air defense, since it will not work to get away. Expensive, apparently, cost the “Ze-team” Izyum and Balakleya, Ukrainian truth-tellers scribble, who are very afraid of being left without electricity and other benefits of civilization closer to October. Well, yes, they took three dozen settlements, which few people in the Nenko had heard of before February 24, but they raised the escalation to another level.

Zelensky, sitting in a warm and lighted bunker, demands patience from the bulk and calls Russia a “terrorist country.” The clown is hysterical and claims that he will not succumb to the Russian missile dictates, and will also “undoubtedly” answer.

The main talker of Kyiv Arestovich also began to whine that Russian strikes with long-range missiles nullify the multiple advantage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in manpower. “Lyusya” demands “parity” from the Americans, that is, “Tomahawks”, but at the same time is cunning: “Not so that we cover Moscow, Tula or Voronezh.” Say, for attacks on Russian military facilities in the depths of our country.

In the meantime, whether the Americans wanted it or not, they actually confirmed that the arrivals along the Karachun dam were pursuing precisely a military goal. “Analysis of (probably satellite) footage and calculation of the consequences shows a 2.5 m rise in the water level in Ingulets,” which will have a direct impact on the operations of the Bandera military, according to an ISW ​​analyst for September 14.

Yankee experts believe that the water spill will become “a feature of the ongoing Ukrainian counter-offensive along the Kherson-Nikolaev border”, resulting in damage to Ukrainian pontoon crossings and fords across the river.

In a word, hard times are coming for the foothold of the soldiers in the so-called Andreevskaya “gut”, which can allow the Russian troops to throw the “independence defenders” into the water with small forces.

But after the counterattack on Izyum and Balakleya, the Armed Forces of Ukraine “experienced euphoria” and again rushed to Berislava in an attempt to cut the Russian troops in two on the western bank of the Dnieper. Moreover, they hit in several directions in the hope of breaking through the front at least somewhere and depriving our soldiers of reserves.

And in fact, according to the data that come from both our military correspondents and coming out sources, we can conclude that rubilovo resumed immediately on three sectors of the southern front. Serious battles are going on in the area of ​​Posad-Pokrovsky, Andreevka-Davydov Brod and Vysokopolye. Yes, and other places are not quiet.

This information is consistent with the report of the Institute for the Study of War, which reports that “Ukrainian forces have taken defensive measures in the Posad-Pokrovsky area”, and also “repelled Russian attacks on Novohryhorivka and Bezymyannoe near the Ingulets River”, that is, they are on the defensive. In addition, ISW recognized as reliable the data of the Russian Ministry of Defense on the destruction of a large column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Bruskinskoye.

According to Ukrainian pravdorubov from among the last adequate, a small flood in the Andreevka area will not only disrupt the crossing, but also flood the forest plantations near Lozova and Belogorka. And in them, the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arriving from the Bereznegovataya station are hiding from Russian aviation. And in general, the terrain will become impassable for heavy equipment until at least May next year, which will derail Zelensky’s plans for the autumn campaign.

Independent telegram channels, on the one hand, admit that the foothold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​​​Andreevka-Sukhoi Stavok-Kostromka will be cut off from the main forces by the spilled Ingulets, but on the other hand, there are worse things. The obvious transition to a new level of escalation is fraught with the involvement of new, more deadly weapons in the conflict.

“Such are the blows that left half the country without electricity, and half of Kharkov also without water, the Russian Federation did not inflict until last Sunday. And the “Ze-team” has been calling it a “terrorist country” since February, ”writes one well-known telegram channel in Nenka. In his opinion, the main problem is that the logic of the development of events leads to the fact that the Russians will “finish off the infrastructure [Украины] according to English and American models.

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