Jan 10, 2022
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Residents of Russia warned about the increase in housing and communal services tariffs in 2022

Tariffs for payment of services in the field of housing and communal services will increase in the country in the coming year, writes DEITA.RU.

Utilities tariffication will change in Russia in the new year. However, the rise in prices for the corresponding services will take place within the target inflation rate of around 4%.

At the same time, indexing will be carried out starting from the second half of 2022. The size of the price increase will differ across the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. So, if in the Sverdlovsk region the possible maximum for an increase is 2.9%, then in Chechnya it reaches 6.5%. In St. Petersburg, tariffs may rise by 6.3%, and in Moscow – by 6%.

It is assumed that citizens living in new houses will be able to pay less money for heating their houses. The fact is that from the new year, an updated methodology for calculating heat consumption standards comes into force. Resource supplying organizations undertake to install intelligent metering devices.

Overhaul repairs will rise in price this year. The Russian government approved an increase in tariffs in this area, as the market saw a significant increase in prices for construction materials. Among the additional bonuses is the simplification of the procedure for obtaining subsidies to pay for housing and communal services.

Rented apartments are of particular interest in Russia, Oleg Rurin, First Deputy Director General of the Fund for Assistance to Reforming Housing and Communal Services, recently said.

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